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Bralalalala Releases New Albums with Megadeth Drummer

Bralalalala Releases New Albums with Megadeth Drummer

Bralalalala, the music award winning transgender social justice warrior, has many in the often socially antiquated rock and heavy metal communities up in arms over gender definitions but the singer and guitarist lets the music do the talking on her thrilling new albums.

Bralalalala has recently come out of the NRG recording studio in North Hollywood and Masterfonics studio in Nashville with three amazing, wild rock and metal albums also featuring the drummer of Megadeth Dirk Verbeuren. The albums were produced by Chris Rakestraw, known for his work with Megadeth, Danzig, Motörhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Deftones and many others.

The three albums include, "Welcome to the Galaxy," "Sequence of Events," and "Answers to All Problems." These albums have an amazingly diverse sound and feel unlike any other band in the history of rock music. Without a doubt, Bralalalala is an extremely original, high energy, yet melodic & fierce rock/metal artist that is perfect for an unhinged crowd of maniacal rock and rollers. The sound is very heavy and anything but simplistic, with striking melodies that go way beyond the types of bands who merely deal in riffs. Bralalalala is a truly sophisticated musical artist for whom a listener will never know what the song will deliver next from moment to moment, among all the fantastic, unique chord variations and timing changes.

Record labels in the music business have been wrongly hesitant to sign trans women singers, so Bralalalala released these gems on her own with her own music company and with major label production and mastering quality.

Visit Bralalalala's official site and hear out Bralalalala's track from the, "Answers to All Problems," album "Win, Lose or Draw" right here. Turn it up full blast and don't say I didn't warn you of all the chaos and greatness you will soon know!

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