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Atta Boy Announce Third Studio LP 'Crab Park'

Atta Boy Announce Third Studio LP 'Crab Park'

The album will be released on October 21.

LA indie-pop quartet Atta Boy announce their long-awaited third studio album Crab Park due out October 21 and available for pre-order now, along with contemplative single + video "Deep Sea Ladder," where the band swims in the freedom of embracing their own insecurities.

Atta Boy's third studio album Crab Park is a pacifying body of work that feels like a candle in a dark room-a quiet guiding light that evokes a particular sense of serenity. With album art designed by the band's own Lewis Pullman (drums), the ten track body of work allows the band to thoughtfully reflect on the varied aspects of change-nostalgia, an ever-changing understanding of home, the value of meaningful friendship and the vulnerability that comes with embracing the full, broad spectrum of emotions throughout life's highs and lows. With imaginative song structures and twirling melodies, Crab Park is a buoyant celebration of the natural cycle of living, dying, dissolving, and reforming, ultimately, perpetually in bloom.

On the latest track "Deep Sea Ladder," Eden Brolin sings with unbounded honesty, "I know this house is sinking, every shingle out of line / I know this house is broken, you remind me all the time / But this house is mine." It's an intimate, pensive tune that sees the narrator take ownership of their flaws and insecurities where they find freedom in their own faults.

The process of writing "Deep Sea Ladder," Brolin explains, "was written as an exercise In an effort to practice writing songs more quickly and with less judgment. The exercise involved going through literature and sort of randomly finding words and placing them together in different variations as a jumping off point." Landing on the words "Deep Sea Ladder" Brolin continues, "stuck out as it made me think of something I was grappling with at the time and through that allowance of curiosity that image continued to be fleshed out. The band was vital in finding colors in the music and production that fill out the story more vibrantly."

Guitarist Freddy Reish had a vision for the track to feel like a bellowing ocean, and after playing around and experimenting with an emulator of a Juno 60 keyboard, he found just the right sound. The ending, however, needed more chaos. To do this, Reish says, "I tuned every string on my guitar to the same note, put on as much distortion as possible and shook my guitar right into the monitor and got the feedback that was needed to close out the song."

Dashel Thompson, the band's keyboardist, recalls how the track clicked almost immediately for the band, and after a few versions were thrown around, is thrilled with the final result. Thompson says, "The song has great dynamics, some very cool chord changes, and is generally a lot of fun to play. We went through a few iterations on the piano part - bits and pieces from each of them are in the final song and I'm super happy with how it turned out."

The accompanying video, directed and drawn by David Delafuente, uses a method of hand drawn rotoscopy on paper with pencil, depicting sketches that neatly complement the track's words and instrumentation. Over three weeks, Delafuente animated the video in his New York apartment and adjusted his drawing style overtime to match the intricacies of the track.

Providing insight into the process, Delafuente shares, "I wanted to create portraits of "Domestic Intimacy" - images of beds, kitchens, windows, and the figures that inhabit these interior spaces. Throughout the song, there was the illustrative lyric "This House Is Mine.." which for me became the viewpoint. It spoke about ownership over insecurities and doubts." Delafuente continues, "During production I felt my images were not being honest. I did not see insecurity being portrayed. I changed my drawing style to be more free, less intense and more flawed lines. I really like the small moments in the video where the marks are off - I think that's the whole point."

Today's announcement follows the nostalgia-tinged "Spring Seventeen" and its dreamy video that captures the way memories transform as time passes. The first single, "Boys," is a track that laid the foundation for the writing process to come and embodies the group's deep-rooted, longtime friendship. It serves as a reminder that amidst chaos and uncertainty, they have each other. Its accompanying lyric video, Pullman features handwritten lyrics dotted with doodles surrounding the lettering that matches the track's beat.

Listeners and tastemakers alike have praised the band's comeback track and are eagerly awaiting what's in store. GrimyGoods wrote "Boys" is "Armed with jaunty guitars and an infectiously passionate melancholy" and included on their 5 Songs to Listen to if You're in an LA Mood list, The Honey POP described it as "...the closing sequence of your favorite indie teen movie about navigating friendship and growing up when things have come to a happy conclusion."

Atta Boy began as a high school band, and after their first year in college, the group made a whimsical project in the summer of 2012 that became their debut album, Out of Sorts. Eden Brolin (vocals) Dashel Thompson (piano) Freddy Reish (guitar) and Lewis Pullman (drums) didn't expect anyone outside of their friends and family to hear it, but to their surprise, it captured listeners in over 70 countries. Eight years later, after pursuing individual endeavors, the band reunited to release their follow-up LP, Big Heart Manners, which caught the attention of several leading tastemakers like American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine and The FADER. Now, in 2022, with millions of streams on Spotify and a captivated audience of over 240,790 monthly listeners, Atta Boy are back to capture the intricacies of not only life's highs and lows, but the smaller, in between, seemingly trivial moments that make one feel most alive.

The profoundly resolute track "Deep Sea Ladder" is out everywhere now, along with its emblematic hand drawn video. The third studio album by Atta Boy, Crab Park, is due out October 21 and available for pre-order now. Find Atta Boy on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, shop Atta Boy merch here and stay tuned for much more from the rising four-piece.

Watch the new music video here:

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