North American Orchestras Will Perform 165 Premieres in 2012-2013

North American Orchestras Will Perform 165 Premieres in 2012-2013

In the 2012-13 season, North American orchestras are performing premieres of 165 compositions by 150 composers, according to the League's newly published Premieres List. Of these works, 127 are world premieres, 27 are U.S. premieres and 11 are Canadian premieres. 25% of the premieres are directly connected to community celebrations or partnerships.

"Even in challenging times, orchestras continue to champion the work of the present day. And they are clearly embracing closer ties to community priorities in addition to artistic goals," said League of American Orchestras President and CEO Jesse Rosen.

Notable trends this season include:

  • Community celebrations and collaborations: 25% of this season's premieres are prompted by local ties and connections: city celebrations and anniversaries, cultural partnerships or local composers with a relationship to the community
  • Commissioning consortiums and partnerships: 15% of this season's premieres are the result of funding partnerships between orchestras, presenters or cultural organizations
  • Female composers: 14% of this season's premieres are composed by women.
  • Ethnic diversity: 10% of this season's premieres represent composers whose backgrounds include influences beyond Western Europe. 
  • Alternative formats: 10% of this season's premieres will be programmed in alternative casual concerts aimed at attracting younger or new audiences or will include after-concert parties 

Living composers who will have more than one work premiered include:

John Luther Adams 
Mason Bates 
Daniel Bjarnason 
Unsuk Chin 
Anna Clyne 
Michael Daugherty
Gabriela Lena Frank 
Peter Lieberson 
Tod Machover 
Steven Mackey
Michael Oesterle 
Matthias Pintscher 
Christopher Rouse,
Kaija Saariaho 
Sean Shephard 
Augusta Read Thomas 
Wayne Shorter 

A detailed fact sheet analyzing these trends can be found here.