The UUA Bookstore Offers New Tools for Your Faith Development

The UUA Bookstore Offers New Tools for Your Faith Development

Unitarian Universalist religious educators and UUA curriculum creators have decades of experience crafting faith development materials for Unitarian Universalists of all ages. These materials are available througha variety of venues including a Toolkit series of books. Your UUA Bookstore offers two new installments in the Toolkit series and more!

New! Missionaries, Builders, and Pathfinders: Unitarian Universalist Stories from the Midwest, West, and South, 1830-1930 by Gail Forsyth-Vail and Polly Peterson

These 20 compelling stories of 19th- and early 20th-century Unitarians and Universalists who carried their faith throughout the Midwest, West Coast, and Southern United States invite us to find wisdom for our own time in the insights and oversights of these religious forebears.Purchase today.

New! Creating Justice Together: Service Projects for Families and Multigenerational Groups edited by Susan Dana Lawrence

This collection of service projects from theTapestry of Faith curriculum series, suitable for families and other multigenerational groups, helps adults engage with children in practicing and exploring a living faith that is active, expresses caring intention, and changes the world. Purchase today.

Journeys of the Spirit: Planning and Leading Mission Trips with Youthby Jennifer McAdoo and Anne Principe

This comprehensive manual guides youth leaders to plan, lead, and unpack a spiritually transformative service project to deepen youth's Unitarian Universalist identity and connection to a greater call. Purchase today.

Stirring the Nation's Heart: Eighteen Stories of Prophetic Unitarians and Universalists of the 19th Century by Polly Peterson

Here are 18 fascinating stories from the lives of some of the 19th-century Transcendentalists and reformers who played key roles in Unitarian Universalist history. Purchase today.

Stories in Faith: Exploring Our UU Principles and Sources Through Wisdom Tales by Gail Forsyth-Vail

This distinctly Unitarian Universalist collection of wisdom tales is culled from many traditions and presented using our seven Principles and six Sources as a framework for reflection.Purchase today.