'The Seventh Holy Man' Sci-Fi Thriller is Released

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William Brazzel's new book, "The Seventh Holy Man," weaves together contemporary and ancient themes for a fast-paced thriller and juicy Vatican mystery novel.

"With a Vatican mystery novel, readers get the pleasurable entertainment of the sci-fi/fantasy genre while maintaining the suspension of disbelief with the oldest spiritual institution in human history, the Catholic Church," says Brazzel, a business owner and family man.

"Ultimately, I wanted to engage people and convey the spiritual side, both to life as we know it and the afterlife."

The story begins with a cataclysmic Vatican slaughter involving an apparent rogue group of Swiss Guards who open fire on their peers, clerics and the general public on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica.

Investigative reporter Sean Carrol, visiting from New York, witnesses the slaughter, which ends with the attackers fleeing the square.

Carol's probes reveal a cryptic link between the ancient kingdom of Malar and the events taking place in the Vatican, but he struggles to understand it even as the Vatican hierarchy takes extreme steps to complete a plan of secularizing the Catholic Church.

With the potential destruction of the Catholic Church at hand, there must be a revival of the seven holy men who represent the Seven Spirits of God. They provide the only means of protecting the church. But even with their intervention, there is no guarantee that the church will be preserved.

"This is a great read from start to finish with some harrowing twists and turns," writes Amazon reviewer GNR, who gave the Vatican mystery novel five stars. "The explosive opening scene is one that will keep you locked into the story in anticipation of what could be coming next.

"I highly recommend the book, especially if you enjoy science fiction and supernatural elements which blend into the story nicely. The author also does a great job of setting the scene, making it easy to visualize the events as they unfold. This one is a real page turner."

"I was amazed at the detail and history that this very entertaining book provided," adds Amazon reviewer Barbara Massaro, who also rated it five stars. "A religious experience you will never forget!"

About William Brazzel

William Brazzel has been the owner and president of a New Jersey property and casualty agency for 30 years. While running a business and raising a family, he wrote a number of op-ed articles and two unpublished short stories, and during that time, his love for science fiction continued to germinate, culminating with "The Seventh Holy Man." The book is one part a thoroughly researched document about the Vatican and two parts sci-fi/fantasy entertainment that fiction readers will find original and captivating.

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