TIME WILL TELL, WWII Suspense by Eddie Upnick Now Available

TIME WILL TELL, WWII Suspense by Eddie Upnick Now Available

The idea for Eddie Upnick's book, Time Will Tell (Label Man Books), was born out of a chance meeting in Antigua in 1995 with an elderly Englishman named Sidney Dowse. Mr. Dowse was one of the courageous men who escaped Sagan, the prison camp portrayed in the 1963 movie The Great Escape. Mr. Dowse told Eddie details never revealed in any history book under the condition that Upnick would not release these facts until after Dowse's death…which occurred in 2008.

Before the Second World War broke out, Sidney Dowse worked in secret operations for Stewart Menzies – the top man at MI-6 (British Intelligence during WWII). Mr. Menzies had daily meetings with Winston Churchill and was responsible for keeping him abreast of events taking place in Germany. The details shared with Upnick came from both Dowse's own recollections as well as those told to him by Stewart Menzies.

Obviously a credible witness, Menzies claimed to have met two men carrying hand-held devices before Germany invaded Poland - devices that could not have existed at this point in time! These men supposedly broke the German Enigma codes and improved the fledgling English radar systems. Other details revealed raise the question - did Churchill know the date and time of the Pearl Harbor attack weeks beforehand? Sound far-fetched? Perhaps. Readers have to make their own assumptions…

Thirty years of research and interviews with top level directors at Area 51 to look for second sources for Menzies' stories are all pieced together in Time Will Tell; fiction, but with incredible recollections of this war hero woven into its story. First of a fast-paced, historical/sci-fi trilogy that begins with rebel scientists from a dystopian future traveling back from the year 2133 to 1938 to attempt to change the outcome of World War II, Time Will Tell has readers wondering if time travelers altered our history to assure an Allied victory. One thing is certain – based on many five-star reviews on Amazon, readers get more than they bargained for in this hard-to-put-down read!

Eddie Upnick is the inventor of Super Chess, one of Games Magazine's Strategy Games of the Year in 1984. Upnick worked as a joke writer in the 1970's, working with Rodney Dangerfield among others, and was a situation comedy writer in the 70's and 80's before beginning his detailed research for Time Will Tell.

For more information on this attention-grabbing novel and the sequels, please visit: www.eddieupnick.com