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Suzzanne Douglas, Karen Lorre, Isabelle McCalla Featured In Lisa Levart's New Oracle Deck

Suzzanne Douglas, Karen Lorre, Isabelle McCalla Featured In Lisa Levart's New Oracle Deck

Artist/photographer Lisa Levart has been photographing women as the Divine Feminine for over 20 years. Affectionately nicknamed the "Annie Leibovitz of Goddesses," her work reveals the spirit of strong independent girls, creative ferocious women, powerful warrior activists and epic elders from around the world.

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Oracle decks have long been embraced as a tool for divination, self-reflection and creative inspiration. This deck embraces all of these uses, while being centered on contemporary, feminist interpretations of myths. On each card, there is a message to help gain more clarity and perspective. Inclusive and diverse, the women portrayed offer their wisdom on the power of archetypes as a gift to others as they navigate their own lives.

The message of the Goddess on Earth: Oracle is simple yet powerful: we are all here to lift, hold and be present for one another as we travel on our journeys.

Included are portraits of 40 remarkable and diverse women. Among them are world-renowned actors from Broadway and Hollywood (Suzzanne Douglas, Karen Lorre, Isabelle McCalla), environmental and social activists (Majora Carter, Jensine Larsen, Kiri Laurelle Davis), CEO's and Directors of international foundations (Gloria Feldt-former CEO of Planned Parenthood, Kathy Eldon, Founder of Creative Visions), singers, authors, indigenous healers and more.

Of Mami Wata, McCalla says, "Mami Wata was originally celebrated in Africa, where she represented a pantheon of water spirits. Beautiful, seductive and ferociously treacherous, these spirits are half-human/half-fish-Mermaids! Mami Wata was invoked for fertility, calm waters and bountiful catches, though she also symbolizes the destructive power of a violent sea, of vessels being overturned. In artistic depictions, the mirror she holds in her hand reflects the constant flow between the past and present, between what is seen and what is known unconsciously."

In 2011, Levart's book Goddess on Earth: Portraits of the Divine Feminine was published, and subsequently won a Gold Nautilus Book Award and was named one of the 100 Best New Women's Spirituality Books by the California Institute of Integral Studies. It is sold in museums and stores throughout America, including the Rubin Museum in NYC.

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