Special Forces Officer Releases Memoir, 'Blood on the Risers'

Special Forces Officer Releases Memoir, 'Blood on the Risers'

Contrary to the way Vietnam veterans are portrayed in American subculture and popular wartime films, Special Forces Officer Michael O'Shea believes all Vietnam veterans should be treated like the heroes they are.

His new memoir, "Blood on the Risers", was written to give an authentic look at what it was like to serve in the Vietnam War. O'Shea hopes to dispel the numerous myths about the war and honor the men he served alongside.

"I wrote this book for my son," O'Shea said. "I want him to know the real stories of the men who sacrificed everything to serve their country and protect the American dream."

The book's major theme is coming of age and the loss of innocence. When young men are thrown into violent and stressful situations, their virtuousness is ripped away as they are forced to make mature and life altering decisions. The book offers a first-hand look at life at war from the perspective of a young Texas boy who is nurtured and molded into a leader of the elite 'Green Berets'.

"Blood on the Risers" answers many of the questions of 'what was it really like over there'," O'Shea said. "It provides a blunt and factual portrayal of Vietnamese culture and corruption as well as insight into the lives of American soldiers, including trite inter-service rivalries during the war."

"Blood on the Risers"
By Michael O'Shea
ISBN: 978-1-4918-1381-2
Retail price: $24.00
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About the Author
In 1966, Michael O'Shea left college and enlisted as a paratrooper in the United States Army. He worked his way up the ranks and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry in 1967. Upon his return from service, O'Shea went back to school and worked for Proctor and Gamble upon his graduation. After 10 years at P&G, he started his own medical distributorship with a friend in Dallas.