Southern Author Releases Fiction Series For 'Prime Time Women'

Southern Author Releases Fiction Series For 'Prime Time Women'

Columbus, Miss

Natalie R. Vice ( ), author and writer, spent a lifetime preparing for the chronicles of '76 Bridges. In this first installment of the series, Vice introduces Jorja and Regina from the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Life, family, and careers we find have changed these best friends into strangers. Regina and Jorja reconnect through Facebook and readers are invited to follow along as these women get to know one another again in the 'prime time' of their lives.

Vice, has lived her life within a 50 mile radius of her childhood home in Mississippi. After raising a family and owning multiple businesses she began writing as she has entered the 'prime time' of her life. Natalie developed an intense interest in getting the most out of her retirement years and helping others do the same. This fiction series is specifically written for 'prime time women' as their nests empty, jobs change and they find themselves with free time on their hands.

"Women have such wonderful and complicated relationships. I long to capture the feelings so many of us have as we think of reconnecting with friends from our past. This is a glorious time in our lives and we deserve to enjoy it to the fullest!" stated Vice in a recent interview.

Natalie Vice began passionately pursuing retirement information as she sold her last business. Realizing a need exists to help disseminate this information, she is currently coauthoring an informational book on retirement and developing a retirement website launching by the end of the year. This fiction series provides yet another way to embrace the 'prime time women' she remains passionate in connecting with and helping. For more information please visit