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Singer Wendy Bradshaw to Release Children's Treasure Hunting Book and Soundtrack

Utah-based singer and composer Wendy Bradshaw will publish a children's book and accompanying music soundtrack that was inspired by her very personal journey of healing from Cancer and subsequent personal growth.

The book and the music will contain contributions from popular author Forrest Fenn who wrote The Thrill Of The Chase and buried a treasure worth $1 million for anyone to find who is clever enough to analyze his clues. Wendy's just released theme song, the Magic Forrest Treasure, contains words and clues from Fenn's famous treasure poem.

In an interview from her Salt Lake City home Bradshaw explained, "In order to heal, I searched for and found the truth of my own heart by reprogramming my subconscious belief system and facing my own demons. American Indian spiritual beliefs, Dr. Bruce Lipton's books on quantum mechanics, and music, especially healing music all assisted me with that reprogramming."

"I want people to know that they can heal themselves, and teach others to do the same."

Bradshaw went on to explain that the ideas held within these philosophies has also been the guiding principles of most of her creative ventures as a composer and performer.

Bradshaw's personal healing led to her unique style, a "fused" genre of music, that she firmly believes assists in healing the body, as well as the earth.

According to Bradshaw, '"Magic Forrest Treasure and soundtrack," is a story built around an American Indian girl hero and is about the excitement and adventure of treasure hunting, solving clues, searching, danger, mystery and why it is such an exhilarating and defining journey for those that seek the treasure of their own hearts." said the author.

Bradshaw also examines, through a combination of the fusing of American Indian voices, wisdom stories and her own musical composition, the vital aspiration we all have to uncover the most valuable ideals in the universe - treasures far greater than gold - that come to all who live in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The children's book and soundtrack to "Magic Forrest Treasure," is being published by ThunderSky Media under the Vippi Books label.

In conclusion, Bradshaw sums up her thoughts on life, "When you hit rock bottom, remember, bedrock is where you find the gold!"

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