Rea Nolan Martin Releases Second Contemporary Fiction Novel, 'Mystic Tea'

Rea Nolan Martin Releases Second Contemporary Fiction Novel, 'Mystic Tea'

A community of quirky, mismatched, and endearing women struggle to find meaning and purpose on a ramshackle monastery in upstate New York. Having spent their lives in service to a church that seems to no longer serve them, they are confused about their own futures and the future of the entire monastery. Led by Mike, the practical no-nonsense prioress, and Augusta, the grand ancient mystic hermit, they are joined by Gemma, a self-punishing novice, and Arielle, a firebrand jailhouse conversion who was sent there out of rehab by a "sort of angel." The personalities, commitments, philosophies and beliefs of these and all the characters conflict and converge in ways at once perilous and enlightening. Throughout the tempestuous journey, Augusta's magical sacred teas draw the inevitable closer and closer.

"Mystic Tea" is a contemporary love story between young and old, franchised and disenfranchised, pedestrian and mystic. Most of all, it is a story of female empowerment as the women find the courage to confront epic challenges, creating a surprising future from the oppressive ashes of the past. It will make you smile as much as it will make you think.

"Mystic Tea" is currently available from Amazon in kindle format.

In late Fall 2013, "Mystic Tea" will be available as an ebook from other online retailers and in early 2014, the novel will be available in print format from Wiawaka Press and other retailers.

Book Information:
"Mystic Tea"
Author: Rea Nolan Martin
Publisher: Wiawaka Press
Published: July 2013
Pages: 351

About The Author:
Before committing to the solitary life of a fiction writer, Rea Nolan Martin spent twenty-years as a writer, creative director, and creative consultant to advertising and PR agencies in New York and Chicago. She completed her Master of Arts in Writing degree at Manhattanville College, where she continued as an adjunct professor and faculty advisor for a number of years. During her tenure, she transformed the school's literary magazine, INKWELL, into a professional publication that is now among the top literary journals in the country. In addition to her novels, "Mystic Tea" and The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright, Rea has written and published poetry and short stories, primarily in the genre of mystical realism, which is her specialty.

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