PLEASE FORWARD: DO NOT DELETE Shares Words of Wisdom for Living a Full Life

PLEASE FORWARD: DO NOT DELETE Shares Words of Wisdom for Living a Full Life

What's better than an uplifting note from a family member? A collection of anecdotes, letters and inspirational stories that sound as if they're written by one of your best friends. Lynne Gleason has compiled an extensive assortment of trivia, inspirational anecdotes and words of wisdom designed to help readers understand the importance of positivity and living life to the fullest in her new book "Please Forward: Do Not Delete."

"It appeals to everyone," Gleason says. "There are stories in it that anyone can relate to."

After working for four decades in a job that requires her to travel often, Gleason has made keeping in touch a priority and collected stories from people from around the country through email and personal conversations. With a "you can do anything" attitude, she uses humor and wisdom to entertain readers in stories that can be read in just a few minutes.

"Please Forward" will inspire readers in small doses to think positively, live each day to the fullest and take advantage of life and relationships with others while we have them.

"Please Forward: Do Not Delete"
By Lynne Gleason
ISBN: 978-1-4691-8043-4 (sc); 978-1-4691-8044-1 (e)
Softcover, $19.99
Ebook, $3.99
Approximately 158 pages
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About the author:
Lynne Gleason is an executive housekeeper at the Country Inn and Suites who believes in living life to the fullest. She makes both working hard and having fun a priority. After 40 years of encouraging from her family, she finally took the time to publish Please Forward: Do Not Delete to encourage a larger audience.