New Novel 'Acid' is Released

New Novel 'Acid' is Released

In the late 1960s, American young people began a flirtation with mind-altering drugs - dangerous, some say evil, drugs like LSD, then Angel Dust, and even heroin. America released a lot of demons in the Pandora-like 60s and some of them have never been placed back in the box. Published by TotalRecall Publications, 'Acid' is the story of one such drug and what it does to four people who take it, unaware that they will be altered forever.

This new thriller/crime novel explores possibilities for the furthest reaches of the human brain. What would happen if an illegal drug, discovered by accident, could unlock mental pathways that have never before been opened?

The story begins as Keith Embree, a chemical genius, synthesizes a drug that alters people in frightening ways. The discovery of this mind-controlling drug opens a pathway to frightening mental abilities for Rachel Farrell, who can move backward and forward in time at will, while Donna Riske, Rachel's best friend, can control the thoughts of others.

Rick Howell, living in the shadow of these two women who have the power to change reality, must risk his life to stop the genocidal exploits of a desperate lunatic who wants to acquire their powers. The battle of Good versus Evil spreads from a chemistry lab at the University of Illinois as desperate characters in search of power and wealth travel the globe pursuing the Time Shifting secret drug. Good destroys evil, but not before greed, maniacal mayhem, and a perfect crime put to rest the mind controlling drug.

'Acid' by Jeff Lovell is available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback editions from, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and other booksellers.

Dr. Jeff Lovell is a native Chicagoan with three degrees from the University of Illinois and a doctorate from Vanderbilt University. Jeff taught high school writing and literature for 33 years and sponsored the school paper, Student Council, and several other activities. He ran the drama program at two high schools, teaching and directing and designing sets, lighting and costumes. His career specialties included Shakespeare, British Literature, and Writing as well as Computer Science. Since retiring from education, Jeff has served as a theatre and film critic for a television station and appears frequently to review theatre and literature.

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