New Fictional Novel, 'Wingnut' by L.R. Baker, is Released

New Fictional Novel, 'Wingnut' by L.R. Baker, is Released

Edmonton, Canada

Two heads are better than one. This is especially true for two childhood best friends looking to outsmart the neighborhood bullies. After concocting an elaborate plan to escape their nemesis the two friends find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime.

In his new book, "Wingnut: Operation Payback," author L.R. Baker writes of two boys who have had enough of the bullying that is taking place in their neighborhood. As the duo sets out to take a stand they embark on a series of mishaps, dares and exciting adventures.

Baker captures the thoughts and impressions of the surrounding world as seen through the eyes of a 10 year old boy. "Wingnut: Operation Payback" allows readers to escape back into their childhood while obtaining a powerful message.

"The topic of bullying is prevalent in the media every day," said Baker. "Although this story is set in the 1960's the issue of bullying is even more relevant today, and exists in a multitude of ways in our society and throughout the world."

As Baker provides the challenge of tackling one's fears, audiences will feel moved towards seeking their own adventure. Through this light-hearted story, readers will experience the magic of childhood.

"Wingnut: Operation Payback"
By: L.R. Baker
ISBN: 978-1-4269-5660-7
Available at Amazon, eBay and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Author Lindsay Baker was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and currently resides in in Alberta, Canada.

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