Kristy Short Releases Third Zanda Humphrey Book, Zanda Humphrey's House of Garbage

Kristy Short Releases Third Zanda Humphrey Book, Zanda Humphrey's House of Garbage

Kristy Short, author of the Zanda Humphrey chapter books for young readers, announced today that the third book in the Zanda Humphrey series-"House of Garbage"-will be unveiled at her October 12, 2013 book signing at Kahuna Coffee in Hartland, Michigan. The book is dedicated to the very worthy cause of recycling and is geared to get young readers involved in the effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Short also revealed that she involved her young readership in the development of the book. She opened up the editing process to a group of students at Creekside Elementary School in Hartland, Michigan, calling on them to provide input to improve the book overall.

"I ran a contest at the school that required the kids to write a short essay on why they should be an editor on the book. I got more than a hundred entries, and from those entries selected four students from each grade [grades K-4] to serve as my student editors," stated Short. "I included a 'Special Thanks' page at the front of the book to spotlight my young editors and show my appreciation for their dedicated efforts."

Short will give a complimentary book to each student editor, complete with a personal signed message, at her book signing on October 12. She also recognized the students at a dedicated assembly held at Creekside Elementary on September 27, 2013.

Zanda Humphrey's House of Garbage will be available for purchase from Short's publisher's site at after October 12.

About "Zanda Humphrey's House of Garbage"

After a school fieldtrip to the local dump, Zanda gets to work quickly building her next invention-determined to help transform the mounds of discarded garbage into recycled treasures. But before she has a chance to recycle a single piece of trash, she must first help Phee out of another sticky situation. After a bumbled experiment in Zanda's lab, Phee sets a series of sparking, sizzling, garbage-exploding events in motion that fill the Humphrey house with trash, floor to ceiling! Join Zanda and Phee as they tunnel through mountains of slippery, slimy, maggot-covered garbage using Zanda's newest invention-the Recyclinator 225-a high-powered, double-chambered, garbage-launching recycle machine.