Jim Hammond's New Book, “A Wine Guide for Lovers... of Wine” is Released

Jim Hammond's  New Book, “A Wine Guide for Lovers... of Wine” is Released

Corrales, NM

"What's the best way to become familiar with any wine? Well the bad news and the good news are the same: you have to involve yourself in the sampling of wines from many wine regions, countries and types." So starts a new e-book by Jim Hammond, the Southwestern Wine Guy, that is designed to give every wine lover-or would-be wine lover-tips, anecdotes and solid information about how to enjoy one of the world's favorite beverages.

The book is packed with information such as how many types of wine glasses one really needs and the surprising origins of white Zinfandel, the best-selling wine in the United States. Other valuable information includes how to survive a summer wine festival and how to conduct a wine tasting for one or for a crowd. Hammond's friendly, humorous style makes for an easy read, and answers questions such as how much to pay for a wine. (Hint: not necessarily so much except for those very special occasions.)

The Kindle book is available now for $4.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M7NPL84.

Jim Hammond has been writing about wine for more than 10 years and tasting wine for much longer. He is Artful Pairings columnist for Albuquerque Free Press, a regular contributor to New Mexico Magazine, Albuquerque Wine Examiner for Examiner.com, and co-host of "The Spirits of New Mexico," airing weekly on KIVA 1600AM and Live! 95.9 FM in Albuquerque. His Wines of Enchantment books have covered wineries and wine history in New Mexico since 2008. Jim is also author of The Phoenix Society, a thriller set in the wine country in Sonoma County, California. Hammond can be reached at 505-720-6593 or http://www.southwesternwineguy.com.