Jackie Ray Holton Recounts Supernatural Stories in MY HAUNTED LAND

Jackie Ray Holton Recounts Supernatural Stories in MY HAUNTED LAND

Alma, Ga.

Ghost stories are often told for entertainment purposes. People seem to enjoy the flood of adrenaline that comes with the shock and fear of the supernatural. But what if those stories were true? In his new book, "My Haunted Land" (published by iUniverse), Jackie Ray Holton shares 39 years' worth of unexplained paranormal activities experienced by himself and his family.

All of the accounts told of in "My Haunted Land" occurred on Holton's three acres of land in southeast Georgia - land he still occupies today. Holton's story begins the day he moved onto the land with his family through his children's upbringing and right on into the present day.

A skeptic himself, it took Holton many years of witnessing the frightening accounts mentioned in his book to come to terms with reality. Today, Holton admits the events he recollects in his book are true and accurate.

"Readers need to understand that these types of things really do occur," Holton says. "These are not made up stories. These are true and still happening to this day."

"My Haunted Land"
By Jackie Ray Holton
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 48 pages | ISBN 9781491722527
E-Book | 48 pages | ISBN 9781491722534
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About the Author
Jackie Ray Holton was born in a small town in Florida in 1938. He was raised in Appling County, Georgia, where he met and married his wife. They later bought three acres of land and built their home in Bacon County where they raised four children. He is a retired forest fireman, still living on the same land.