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MELBOURNE, Australia, April 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Ideas are a defining topic for business. A new iBook, "Ideas Breaking Through: Be a Game-Changer," uncovers what happens to ideas on their way to great outcomes. It spans more than 2000 years in 231 pages. This includes evidence about the role of ideas among our major value-adding decisions, and game-changing activities.

Ideas Breaking Through connects decision-makers with significant outcomes, and reveals that management has an unintended ideas gap. Here are four highlights.

First,as author and executive mentorDr. Glenn Rothberg explains, it identifies and addresses a problem that mainstream management has largely ignored.

"Breakthroughs, and the ideas upon which they depend, have always been a key feature of civilization's major advances. Yet, mainstream management of organizations is not based on models of breakthrough, but on models of command, compliance, and control."

Second, Ideas Breaking Through offers a solution: an ideas-based framework. This shows how ideas are at the dynamic heart of many traditional practices such as: leadership, technology, competence, human resource management, strategy, quality, productivity, innovation and excellence. Therefore, while successful innovations, improvements, and discoveries may appear isolated, they all have 'idea activity' qualities-in-common.

Third, an insight of Ideas Breaking Through is the development of a universal 'Breakthrough Passage.' This brings together, as subsets, many of the practices used by managers and others. Further, it suggests that any informed decision-maker can produce idea activity required for breakthrough. As Dr. Rothberg explains:

"Through this 'passage' of idea interaction and idea progression, many of the problems and opportunities in organizations can be exposed and addressed."

Fourth, the overall benefit of Ideas Breaking Through is that now, using straight-forward practices, virtually every aspect of how mainstream management approaches organizational performance can be reconstructed and improved.

This illustrated book suggests that any informed manager or decision-maker can replicate the tools, principles, and combinations outlined, to lift the role of ideas, help to overcome resistance, and add value in any industry, company, workplace, sector, discipline, region, community, or nation. The effect of this is to help remove an ideas gap in our organizations. Ideas Breaking Through brings breakthrough inside.

About the Author: Glenn Rothberg has corporate, consulting, human resource, mentoring, and international negotiation experience, and his qualifications include a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

"This book arose from a curiosity about what happens to ideas in organizations and concern about an apparent over-abundance of management performance remedies," says Dr. Rothberg. "So, I looked within apparent breakthroughs, and across the Ages, to help investigate what is going on between ideas and successful outcomes."

"Ideas Breaking Through": On-line Film and Book Formats
"When Ideas are Breaking Through" Film Trailer (YouTube platform)
"Ideas Breaking Through: Be a Game-Changer" iBook with sample pages (Apple platform)
"Ideas Breaking Through: Guidelines for Game-Changers" Course Video intro session (Udemy platform)

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Dr. Glenn Rothberg
Cell: +61412170557

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