Honoring the Late Literary Giant Philip Roth

Honoring the Late Literary Giant Philip Roth

This past Tuesday, award-winning novelist Philip Roth passed away at 85 years of age. Andrew Wylie, his literary agent, announced that he died of congestive heart failure in a New York hospital.

Roth's biographer Blake Bailey stated on Twitter, Philip Roth died tonight, surrounded by lifelong friends who loved him dearly. A darling man and our greatest living writer.

Honoring the Late Literary Giant Philip Roth

Roth has had a long, successful career as a novelist. His many accolades include the Pulitzer Prize, the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction, the Faulkner Award, and the U.K. WH Smith Literary Award.

His many novels include AMERICAN PASTORAL, THE HUMAN STAIN, THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, VERYMAN,OPERATION SHYLOCK. Eight of his works have been turned into films: American Pastoral, Elegy (THE DYING ANIMAL), Goodbye, Columbus, The Human Stain, The Humbling, Indignation, Portnoy's Complaint, and the 1984 TV series The Ghost Writer.

Roth retired in 2012, after writing more than 25 novels over the course of his long, successful career.

Honoring the Late Literary Giant Philip Roth
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In 2011, President Barack Obama gave Patrick Roth the National Humanities Medal. The ceremony took place at the White House.


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