GraphicAudio Releases THE STONE THAT SHINES by Max Brand

GraphicAudio Releases THE STONE THAT SHINES by Max Brand

Dick Rutherford, known simply as the Colonel, had set out into the West to find his fortune, accompanied only by his young companion, Christy Deever. But it looked like the frontier would provide more danger than money...until the Colonel and Christy met Stone-That-Shines, a Mandan warrior who possessed a medicine stone that gave him his name. As soon as the Colonel got a close look at the medicine stone, he knew immediately what made it shine-a rich vein of quartz gold. The source of that stone would be the answer to his quest. But first the Colonel and Christy had to escape the Mandan chief and his determined warriors. They were after something too-the Colonel's hide.

About the Author: Max Brand's action-filled stories of adventure and heroism in the American West continue to entertain readers throughout the world. Brand penned over 200 full-length Westerns in his career, including Destry Rides Again and Montana Rides.

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Written by Max Brand
Approximate Run Time: 5 Hours
Number of CDs: 5
Content Rating: Ages 13+