Ghostwriter and Author Ryan Eidson Offers Tips on How to Succeed by Becoming Authors

Ghostwriter and Author Ryan Eidson Offers Tips on How to Succeed by Becoming Authors

MACON, Mo., May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ In a typical day, most independent business professionals (such as coaches, consultants, speakers, and entrepreneurs) are looking to grow their businesses with advertising or social media. They're often frustrated at the low quality of leads that land on their desks, or have a pressing desire to stand out in their respective industries as an expert.

According to business book ghostwriter Ryan Eidson, the quickest way to get cited as an expert is to publish your own book. "A book serves as your ultimate business card," says Eidson. "You can give away copies of your book to colleagues and prospects. Most business cards get thrown away, but your book will sit on their desks, and they will actually see what you have to say."

Eidson says that the publishing game has changed. It's no longer about making money on the book itself, but on the back-end services that you offer to your readers at the back of your book. In addition, the book should not be one long sales pitch. Instead, use your book to demonstrate your style, show you readers that you have a deep understanding of your subject matter, and include several calls to action inside your book.

Independent professionals can easily publish a book in paperback and digital formats on Amazon, today's largest marketplace. With Amazon's large customer database, prospects for small businesses are already going to Amazon searching for things to buy. When Amazon's customers purchase books that they like, and want to get in touch with the author, they look to the back of the book to find a website or phone number for more information.

For experts who would rather talk than write, Eidson says to record audio files with you talking through your material. Then send your recordings to other professionals to transcribe, edit, and create a book out of your intellectual property. There are many well-known business authors who just spoke their book; they never had to "write" a chapter with pen and paper.

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Ghostwriter and Author Ryan Eidson Offers Tips on How to Succeed by Becoming Authors