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Dr. Russell Kennedy Announces Release Of “Anxiety Rx: A New Prescription For Anxiety Relief From The Doctor Who Created It”

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Dr. Russell Kennedy Announces Release Of “Anxiety Rx: A New Prescription For Anxiety Relief From The Doctor Who Created It”

Hot on the heels of World Mental Health Day, this week marks the launch of Dr. Russell Kennedy's groundbreaking new book "Anxiety Rx: A New Prescription for Anxiety Relief From The Doctor Who Created It," which is certain to shake up traditional therapy for anxiety...not because it isn't based in science, but exactly because it is.

This groundbreaking publication will revolutionize the treatment and field of mental health. Dr. Kennedy knows more about the understanding, treatment and healing of anxiety from more perspectives than anyone else in the world.

With degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience, and developmental psychology, he has had over 100,000 patient encounters in his medical career. Perhaps his greatest credential is that he personally suffered from crippling anxiety for decades. This is by no means a dry read - Dr. Kennedy was also a professional stand-up comic for over a decade, so there is an abundance of humor and a wealth of stories included. The paperback and digital editions of the book are available on Amazon (Awaken Village Press).

U.S. Paperback:

Canadian Paperback:

Kindle Edition:

"Anxiety Rx is unlike any book on anxiety and a must read for anyone who suffers with chronic worry."~ Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist

What makes this book unique is a relentless focus on calming anxiety at its true source, which Dr. Kennedy shares in detail. That source is in a place most doctors and psychologists fail to explore, and that oversight is why the positive effects of most anxiety therapies tend to wear off over time. The doctor's vast experience, candor, vulnerability and willingness to expose his personal pain, exploration and journey toward better health are what make this book so relatable. "Anxiety Rx" is written in the same style as Eat, Pray, Love, with 108 short chapters - 36 chapters in each of three sections:

(1) Awareness of Mind
(2) Awareness of Body
(3) Awareness of Self

Dr. Kennedy often labels himself as a "misfit", as along with his scientific degrees and training he has also lived and studied at a temple in India, became a certified yoga and meditation teacher, not to mention the many years he spent doing stand-up comedy. While under a therapeutic dose of psychedelic medication he discovered how he could heal himself from anxiety and he shares his atypical and counterintuitive approach to recovering from chronic worry in this pioneering new work.

"People with anxiety are confused because they don't know what is happening to them. In this book I'll show you exactly what is going on in your mind and your body and exactly what you can do about it." ~ Dr. Russell Kennedy

The doctor's own anxiety started as he was growing up in a chaotic and confusing household with a father who suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar illness. Once he became an adult, healing from his own anxiety took him on a long and frustrating road with plenty of dead ends. As a doctor, he had full access to the best methods and medications "modern" traditional psychology and psychiatry had to offer for many years, but traditional methods only provided limited relief. Desperate to find a solution, he forged an unconventional path, and many of his breakthroughs came from pursuing distinctly non-traditional and atypical sources.

Dr. Kennedy has often said he is driven by a need to help others in a way he could not help his father. He has also often said he does not want people to have to suffer as he did, and strives to make his father's painful life and death to mean something by helping other families heal from emotional illness.

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