Chris R. Moynes Shares AFTER THE GAME

By: Mar. 31, 2016

In February of 2014 Steve Montador met with his friend and financial advisor Chris Moynes. Among the topics discussed was the need for more support for professional athletes transitioning out of their playing careers and into life after the game they had, until that point, dedicated their waking hours to.

Chris suggested to Steve that he draw upon his own struggles and write a book as a way to provide a map for other athletes facing transition. Monty immediately warmed to the idea as a way to give back to the sport that had given him so much.

A week later Steve Montador was found dead in his home.

After discussion with the Montador family, Chris decided to move forward with the book in honor of Steve. "If the information in the book can affect one athlete's life for the better," said Moynes. "If the book can create meaningful conversations that lead to changes in how athletes are treated after their time on the ice, I'll feel that I honored my friend."

Over 8 months in 2015 the After the Game team conducted dozens of interviews with athletes from every level of organized hockey including; Wade Redden, Shaun Van Allen, Cory Cross, Sean O'Donnell, Grant Clitsome, Daniel Carcillo, Steve Ludzik, Todd White, Tyler Sloan and many more. The book also includes excerpts from dozens of public interviews over the last several years that have been published by mainstream media.

These first person accounts all share similar themes; feelings of identity loss, depression and loss of the camaraderie that comes from being part of a highly structured team. The book covers the following topics: areas of the transition found to be most difficult, areas of transition found to be easiest, how much did they plan for retirement while still playing, the extent to which they felt a "hole" in their lives upon retirement, impact of retirement upon their marriage, advice they would offer others and an overview of resources available to athletes transitioning away from the game.

The book is a research-centric approach to the issues facing professional athletes after their playing careers have concluded. The information presented is drawn from first-person interviews with numerous athletes as well as information pulled from existing articles and stories of athletes adjusting to life after the game.

All proceeds from the book will be donated in Steve's name and directed toward charities that are working to educate athletes about the dangers of reoccurring brain trauma, CTE, or assist athletes in transitioning from their playing careers.

The book is available in a limited print run at Amazon beginning April 4.

About One Capital Management: At One Capital Management we have one clear mission: To assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives at the least risk possible. Inherent in that is a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets they have accumulated and to provide a level of comfort with their investments in the capital markets. Providing peace of mind is essential in helping clients make the right decisions, especially when their emotions might persuade them to do otherwise. Learn more at

About ONE Sports+Entertainment Group: A division of One Capital Management, ONE Sports + Entertainment Group focuses exclusively on the specific needs of professional athletes and entertainers. Providing services in the areas of wealth management, legacy planning, insurance, private banking and philanthropy management for over seventy hockey families ranging from retired NHL coaches, to NCAA coaches, AHL players, European League Players and NHL superstars. Through many years of experience working with athletes and entertainers, we have developed a process that has proven successful in making wise decisions. In order to help our clients navigate a complex financial world, we follow The Pro's Process and develop Our Playbook, which visually highlights the major components of the plan to be developed. For more information on ONE Sports=Entertainment Group visit

About Chris R. Moynes: Chris R. Moynes is the Managing Director of ONE Sports + Entertainment Group, and a Senior Financial Advisor with Aligned Capital Partners Inc. His expertise in working with this niche clientele is highlighted in his publication, The Pro's Process: An Expert's Approach to Wealth Management for Professional Athletes. He has developed this book to help clients avoid a number of "land mines" faced by professional athletes. Chris has delivered comprehensive, integrated financial solutions, custom-designed for each client for over twenty years. Previously, Chris was an advisor with the RBC Sports & Entertainment Group for ten years and prior to that, an advisor and associate with Assante Capital Management for ten years.

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