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Benjamin Lieber Announces Photo Book A GLIMPSE INTO HEAVEN

Benjamin Lieber Announces Photo Book A GLIMPSE INTO HEAVEN

Photographer, performing artist and touring musician Benjamin Lieber has announced the upcoming release of his debut photo book Glimpses Into Heaven. Due out next Thursday, December 19th, the 116-page book contains film images from Lieber's years on the road, accompanied by various poetry works from him as well.

"Most of my adult life, I have been a touring musician. I've crossed the US more times than I can count, spent thousands of hours behind the wheel and staring out a windshield. Exploring every corner I could each day before the band continued on to the next city," shares Lieber. "I fell in love with those little fleeting moments you see in your driver-side mirror when you're stuck in Manhattan traffic, Or when the red roses next to the yellow car make ketchup & mustard. In this mindset, having an entirely new scene, an entirely new city each day became a mountain to conquer over and over. The images in this book chronicle my life on the road from since it began to now."

Glimpses Into Heaven is available for pre-order online today at

Benjamin Lieber is a self-taught mixed media visual artist and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. Heavily inspired by 70's psychedelic, futurist & surrealist art, he uses various techniques, often bringing his pieces into the physical world to create beautiful, colorful nostalgia. Benjamin shoots on 35mm film and digital, with a lot of his style coming from signature photoshop techniques. Benjamin has strong vision for his projects, often taking the roles of photographer, creative director and set designer. Born upstate in Buffalo, he started playing music at a young age. He became a founding member of the rock band Head North out of high school, and started touring the country, doing a plethora of large national touring. Benjamin started a solo project called Marigold, writing & performing entirely himself. His solo project brought him into new lights through other national tours in the following years as well. His interests spread to photography and visual art, as he started to have more of a hand in the artistic direction of both his musical endeavors. This passion grew into a full career. Benjamin is now a full time self-employed visual artist and hired touring musician.

"I am so so so excited to share this book with the world - it is a culmination of literal years of hard work, so much time spent, and it's an honor to be able to show my life in such a way."

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