Author Dennis Marcellino Creates New Online Series, PROVEN ANSWERS TO LIFE'S BIGGEST QUESTIONS

Author Dennis Marcellino Creates New Online Series, PROVEN ANSWERS TO LIFE'S BIGGEST QUESTIONS

Dennis Marcellino is the creator of the new on-line series 'Proven Answers to Life's Biggest Questions,' and author of How A Literal Reading Of Genesis 1 Is Proven By Modern Science And Hebrew Scholars. Marcellino shows, through breakthrough scientific discoveries, that: "In spite of the mocking in the culture by comedians and political TV shows, and teaching in public schools to the contrary, recent science discoveries prove that the beginning of the Universe happened VERY quickly - proof that creation of the universe actually did occur in six 24-hour days as the Bible states."

As reported by the Associated Press on March 17, 2014, following are just two of the recent science discoveries: Researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the University of Minnesota, Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, all say they have spotted evidence that a split-second after the Big Bang, the newly formed universe ballooned out at a pace so astonishing that it left behind ripples in the fabric of the cosmos. These new results could rank among the greatest breakthroughs in astrophysics over the last 25 years, such as the Nobel prize-winning discovery that the universe's expansion is accelerating.

The World News Daily also recently reported that within the last 24 months, Dr. Joao Magueijo, a physicist at Imperial College in London, Dr. John Barrow of Cambridge, Dr. Andy Albrecht of the University of California at Davis and Dr. John Moffat of the University of Toronto, have all published work advocating their belief that light speed was much higher - as much as 10 to the 10th power faster - in the early stages of the "Big Bang" than it is today. "Of significant interest and importance," says Marcellino, "Is that according to World News Daily, none of these researchers have expressed any bias toward a predetermined answer, biblical or otherwise. If anything, they are antagonistic toward a biblical worldview."

While proof is presented throughout the book and in the first four episodes of the on-line series, Marcellino points out that: "Contrary to the popular cultural perception, science actually backs the Bible." He is the first to tie together these recent science proofs with Bible proofs (having pointed out years ago how these recent discoveries would be the case). In the second episode, he states: "There is no proof to support what is being taught in schools regarding (macro) evolution and the ages of the Universe and Earth. In fact, the scientific proof is against evolution and the billions of years' conclusion and is for the Bible's timeline of a 6000 year-old Earth."

Also of note is that Hebrew scholars and professors at the top secular universities, like Stanford and Oxford, have agreed all along in the 6 literal days of creation as is evidenced by the following extract from a letter written in 1984 by Professor James Barr, who was at the time Regius Professor of Hebrew at the University of Oxford. Professor Barr said, "So far as I know, there is no professor of Hebrew or Old Testament at any world-class university who does not believe that the writer of Gen. 1-11 intended to convey the idea that creation took place in a series of six days which were the same as the days of 24 hours we now experience. The apologetic arguments which suppose the 'days' of creation to be long eras of time, the figures of years not to be chronological, and the flood to be a merely local Mesopotamian flood, are not taken seriously by any such professors, as far as I know."

The goal of Dennis Marcellino's work is to, "Educate and convince people and the world that they would find the greatest benefit in having a loving and obedient relationship with the Creator, Jesus and Holy Spirit, and that the main source of personal and societal problems is people not seeing or understanding that."

Dennis Marcellino has an education and background in engineering, math, science, theology, psychology and philosophy. He also has a history in the music business, which can be seen He is a former member of The Tokens (famous for their hit 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'); Sly & The Family Stone; The Elvin Bishop Group and Rubicon, and has an internationally bestselling CD under his own name as a sax player. Having overcome 18 years of alcohol and drug abuse 26 years ago, Dennis' goal in life is to show others that, through God, they can have the best life possible and he does this through his books, interviews, debates/discussions and the on-line series.

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