Author Anya Robinson Shares inspiration and Hope in “From My Heart To Yours”

Author Anya Robinson Shares inspiration and Hope in “From My Heart To Yours”

In a world driven by competition and weighed down by superficial pursuits, it is not uncommon for people to feel insecure, disheartened and stressed. In her new book, "From My Heart to Yours: Writings of Love and Inspiration", author Anya Robinson leads the way to a journey of renewal and shares insights for growing strong in the midst of life's pressures.

Robinson has been described by Pastor MacArthur O. Littles, author of "Jesus is Da Balm", as "a prolific writer and motivation speaker whose words capture the heart and listening ears of her audiences as she shares her road so traveled and her quest to find and redefine 'self'." In her latest work, she takes her gifts to a different level, this time she uses it to empower others.

"From My Heart to Yours" is a collection of various literary works all of which capture the author's personal odyssey of discovering her life's purpose. It gives hope and inspiration to others who also want to have a similar experience.

"When God creates movement in any area of your life, He is making a way for something. Now is the time to open up your heart and let the message pour in so that you can clearly view what has been peeking in your window of life!"

Inspiring and insightful, "From My Heart to Yours" is both a triumphant testament of the joy and fulfillment that can only be found in a life lived under God's grace. This book will be featured at the New Jersey Library Association Book Exhibit in Long Branch, N.J. on April 30 - May 1, 2013.