Anonymous Author Uses Two Pen Names for Debut Novel

Anonymous Author Uses Two Pen Names for Debut Novel

In "The Automation," the capital-A Automatons of Greco-Roman myth aren't clockwork. Their design is much more divine. They're more intricate than robots or androids or anything else mortal humans could invent. Their windup keys are their human Masters. They aren't mindless; they have infinite storage space. And, because they have more than one form, they're more versatile and portable than, say, your cell phone - and much more useful too. The only thing these god-forged beings share in common with those lowercase-A automatons is their pre-programmed existence. They have a function - a function their creator put into place -a function that was questionable from the start...

The post-structuralist novel calls itself a "Prose Epic" because of its subject matter, but is otherwise a purposeful implosion of literary gimmicks: A Narrator (allusively called B.L.A) and an Editor (named Gabbler) frame the novel. Gabbler's pompous commentary (as footnotes) on the nameless Narrator's story grounds the novel in reality. Gabbler is a stereotypical academic who likes the story only for its so-called "literary" qualities, but otherwise contradicts the Narrator's claim that the story is true.

"The Automation" - Volume 1 of the Circo Del Herrero Series
Trade paperback
Approximately 376 pages
ISBN: 978-0692259719

Currently available at:

About the Author
The real author - singular of "The Automation" wishes to maintain a distance from this series simply because the Editor and Narrator are much more interesting characters than s/he is. Ironically, The Author doesn't even like novels written by two people because, s/he says, "How can you tell who really wrote the story and who is just the tagalong?"

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