Anne Jenks Releases BITSY BEAR

Anne Jenks Releases BITSY BEAR

La Crosse, WI

Looking for a way to raise awareness on the subject of kidnapping prevention, author Anne Jenks decided to write a book that would inform children and parents.

"Bitsy Bear" is a fictional story that follows a family of monkeys on a suspenseful rescues mission to save baby Bitsy from a trio of evil circus bears.

With the bright, engaging illustrations, children and parents alike will appreciate the educational value of this book.

"Children can so easily become separated from their parents," Jenks said. "Now that I have started a family of my own, I would like to share this story to help children and parents discuss the subjects of personal safety and kidnapping prevention."

"Bitsy Bear" gives parents the opportunity to cover real life situations and safety precautions while highlighting characters that children will easily relate to.

Jenks aims to keep children safe and provides a list of practical tips for parents and children.

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"Bitsy Bear: A Great Children's Book and Essential Parenting Tool"
By: Anne M. Jenks
ISBN: 9781496907691
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse online bookstores

About the author
Anne Jenks graduated from the University of Iowa with a doctorate of pharmacy. She currently resides in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin with her husband and two children. Anne wrote this book to raise awareness on the subject of kidnapping prevention.