'An Old Coot's Essays About an Earlier Georgia and Other Topics' is Released

'An Old Coot's Essays About an Earlier Georgia and Other Topics' is Released


Many interesting stories from the past are forgotten or repeated erroneously. Author Eddie Rollins wants to write a book about some of the stories he knew about-some big and some small-so they would not be forgotten in "An Old Coot's Essays About an Earlier Georgia and Other Topics".

Since the middle of the twentieth century, Atlanta has risen from a city of the Old South to a great international city with major league sports teams and one of the world's busiest airports. However, in the process, Atlanta has lost its quaint old Southern charm. The South had an opportunity to win its independence in the War between the States as late as 1864, but its Confederate leaders blew it.

Abraham Lincoln was a great man and a great statesman but a poor commander in chief, as evidenced by the excessive length of time required to win the Civil War and the huge number of casualties. The lynching of Leo Frank was one of the terrible tragedies in Atlanta history, but he was not another innocent Alfred Dreyfus. The United States reached its peak of power and influence during World War II and the Cold War. Future historians will chart the beginning of the decline and fall of the country with the advent of the decadent baby boomer generation.

"An Old Coot's Essays About an Earlier Georgia and Other Topics" is a book of essays about stories from the past which Rollins thought might be of interest to future generations. This book revolves around the stories that are worth remembering. It is a not a work of fiction. American presidents, Civil War generals, and individuals accused of murder in sensational cases are obviously of interest to some people and are important to humanity.

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About the Author
Eddie Rollins is a native Georgian citizen who wanted to write few essays about his home state.

Publication Date: February 13, 2014
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 294 pages; 9781493152452
Trade Hardback; $29.99x; 294 pages; 9781493152469
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