Alamptria Bloodstone Crypt is Re-Released

Alamptria Bloodstone Crypt is Re-Released

Previously named Alamptria: Red Moon Rising, this Buzillions Reviewers' Choice Award winner, has been revised, revamped and newly titled. Now called Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt, published by Double Dragon publishing in Spring 2013, and complete with expanded sections, readers see their modern era reflected in this mythical land where the evil undead threaten the safety and survival of all humankind. Horror, fantasy, vampires, and action adventure stimulate every reader, making sure the brave souls who dare enter the pages of this book emerge anew at its end.

The kingdom of Elysium in the mythical land of Alamptria appreciates a harmonious existence. Their gardens are exquisite and the people are peaceful. The royal Seaton family enjoys a good life and their families and celebrating together. The eldest is due to marry soon, and all rejoice in their happiness.

Unbeknownst to them, lurking in the dark shadows of Mount Drone is Lord Makoor, who summons his vampire minions as he plots his war against the humans. When the undead finally descend, seeking blood, the Seaton brothers leap into action. The great wizard Grongone of Petoshine gifts the brothers with claymores of extraordinary power. With these, the brothers set out on an epic quest in order to vanquish the undead that threaten their people's existence. Initially they overcome the vampire scourge, despite their having been infiltrated by a vampire masking as an Elysian soldier. Tyrus Clore, head henchman of Makoor, is also fiendishly devious; he befriends Melina, fiancée of Caprius Seaton, and soon kidnaps her to his underground lair to make her his own vampire wife- forever. Adding to the drama, Dragus is bitten in an attack and soon begins his transformation to the undead. The brothers must race against time, and each other, in order to maintain their humanity, save their loved ones, and triumph against the ultimate adversity.

In this world, all characters illustrate obvious dualities, and as they and the story evolve, their true colors show themselves. The small and meek gain control over their fear and emerge heroic; the brave must face their foes both inner and outer; and the heartbroken realize true love means helping the greater humankind, the most giving gesture of all. Villainous monsters seeking to destroy the lands of Elysium and Koriston can never truly win, and the undead must spend their days in darkness and sin, never to see the light.

Dracula by Bram Stoker was a tremendous influence for Valicek' Alamptria as he wished to hearken to the original vampire theme, but with a twist. "I went back to the original tale and built on its complexity and history to give readers something that's entirely new," says Valicek. Readers have posted in glowing reviews of the book that it reminds them of works by J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings) and J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) and is exciting, challenges the genre, and has excellent action and adventure.

Richard A. Valicek lives in Toronto, Canada.
Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt is published by Double Dragon Publishing. It is available as a trade paperback and online for the Nook, Ibook, Epub and Kindle at retailers throughout North America.

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