Absolutely Amazing eBooks Releases THE COMING by Cary Daniels

Absolutely Amazing eBooks Releases THE COMING by Cary Daniels

Cary Daniels lives in a different universe. At least in his head. Proof of that is his new science fiction novel, The Coming. It has just been published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks.

In it, a guy is blessed (or cursed) with the ability of reincarnation and has total recall of his past lives. For 800 years he has protected the world from The Coming. But the recent appearance of his canine spirit guide signals trouble of the apocalyptic kind. The clock is beginning to tick on the end of all life on Earth. And he must find the true meaning of The Coming and stop it before his karma runs dry.

"Daniels paints an uneasy future where the fate of humanity rests in the hands of one reborn man and his otherworldly dog ..." observes William R. Burkett, Jr., author of the sci-fi classic, Sleeping Planet.

Burkett goes on to say, "Nicely done all around."

"That sounds great," responded Cary. "I love it!"

Burkett modestly shrugs off his compliment as "Obscure writer praises new writer!"

Not exactly the case. Listed in the Science Fiction Encyclopedia, Bill Burkett is hardly obscure. Just reclusive.

He goes on to say, "C.J. Daniels emerges immediately as a classic Northeast eccentric that it would be fun to sit around and shoot the bull with."

Burkett himself lives an eccentric life in the Pacific Northwest.

Birds of a feather.

Okay, maybe you can't hang out with Cary and Bill. But you can read their stories, fantastical tales of spirit dogs and aliens and unlikely heroes and other worlds.

"These are two of the most imaginative science fiction writers I've ever read," says Hollis George, editorial director of Absolutely Amazing eBooks. "Right up there with Heinlein, Asimov, and Clarke."

At Hollis George's direction, Absolutely Amazing eBooks has just published The Coming ... and it recently brought Sleeping Planet back "into print."
Both of these masterful sci-fi books are available at Amazon.com or AbsolutelyAmazingEbooks.com as 6" x 9" paperbacks for only $14.95 each. Or as downloadable ebooks for $3.99 each -- meaning you can buy BOTH for less than the cost of a matinee movie ticket.

Will Cary Daniels and Bill Burkett ever get together over a cup of coffee and talk about their favorite sci-fi books? Stay tuned. If they do, you'll hear about it from us!

But first, read their books: A classic and a soon-to-be classic!