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Utopian Hotline show poster

Utopian Hotline at Museum of Science, Planetarium

Dates: (5/1/2025 - 5/18/2025 )


Museum of Science, Planetarium


1 Museum Of Science Driveway
Boston,MA 02114

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Step into the cosmic conversation with Theater Mitu’s latest creation. Inspired by the 1977 NASA Voyager mission, which launched a vinyl recording of natural sounds found on Earth into space, as well as the uncertainty and isolations surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, this experimental performance begs the question: if we were to send another message into the distant future, what message would we send?

Part vinyl recording and part live performance, Utopian Hotline uses real voicemails left on a public hotline and to create a moment of community, while inviting audience members around a communal table to re-imagine our shared future.

This collaborative performance, done in partnership with SETI Institute, Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative, and Brooklyn Independent Middle School, is a call for audiences to join together and leave an offering of hope for mankind’s future.


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