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Shakespeare's Measure for Measure show poster

Shakespeare's Measure for Measure at Boston Center for the Arts

Dates: (3/12/2024 - 3/17/2024 )


Boston Center for the Arts

Cunning Folk Theatre Co.

539 Tremont Street
Boston,MA 02116

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Love and power collide in our especially hilarious and yet always unsettling production of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure,” running 3/12-3/17 at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Written amidst religious and cultural turmoil, every character in Measure For Measure has a different sense of what it means to live morally and authentically. As a new company focused on telling stories related to myth and religion, this second production from The Cunning Folk places emphasis on the play’s parabolic and fairytale-esque qualities, particularly how these are used to give insight into the nature of power, desire, gender, and God, in a play famous for giving a happily-ever-after that doesn’t seem so happy for everyone.

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