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BWW Blog: The Not-So-Obvious College Packing List

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BWW Blog: The Not-So-Obvious College Packing List

In a typical, non-pandemic year, incoming freshmen frantically begin making packing lists, getting room assignments, and preparing for their next big adventure on campus. While no brainer items such as bedding, clothes, toiletries, and other essentials become top priorities, your Pinterest boards' algorithm might not be tailored for a performing arts major. Yes, of course you're going to pack your prized laducas, rep book, sheet protectors (if you're on that side of the sheet protectors vs. no sheet protectors debate), and throat coat, but there are some forgotten items that are not on your typical packing list that quickly become must-haves when the time comes. In order to avoid a frantic trip to Target or an Amazon order that will not come for the next few days, here are some important items that might not be on your standard college packing list.

1. Office Supplies

"But I'm going to college for musical theatre" one might respond. Yes, but how will you make your no page turn, clearly marked, clean sixteen bar cuts ready for an accompanist? While an abundance of office supplies might have been a no-brainer for some, I made the mistake of having the minimal amount: pencils, pens, highlighters, and scissors and I did not have a pencil bag to put any of that stuff in. With an abundance of note taking on the horizon, I would suggest the following items be added to your list:

a-? Three Hole Punch

a-? Stapler & Staples

a-? Colored Pencils

a-? A Pencil Bag

2. Humidifier

This one might be weather dependent, but a humidifier for those very dry dorm buildings can help avoid waking up with a nose bleed the following morning. This is especially helpful for our friends going to college where winter is not a tropical getaway.

3. Thank You Cards/Stationary

You never know when you might need to express your gratitude.

4. A Planner and/or Whiteboard

With so many deadlines, events, rehearsals, projects, and any other notable things that need to be written down, having a system to organize all of that information is essential to avoid the last minute panic that we are all too familiar with.

5. Storage on Your Phone

We all hate that moment when you're trying to take a picture, but you're met with a black screen with a pop up message about how your storage is full. Whether you need to record a voice lesson or just want to take a cute picture, access to your phone camera will be more essential than ever with the looming pandemic re-shaping the importance of a self-tape.

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