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Hamilton and the New Revolution - by Scott Miller

Hamilton and the New Revolution by Scott Miller

With Hamilton and the New Revolution, musical theatre scholar, director, and fanboy Scott Miller takes you on a phantasmagorical journey through the second decade of the millennium, every stop along the way a Broadway musical truly like no other, all of them brilliant, original, and unique, all pointing toward an even brighter future for the art form and all the young artists creating amazing new work for us every day.

Miller’s eighth book of in-depth exploration takes another deep dive into some of the most fascinating Broadway musicals of our time, including Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, A Strange Loop, Hadestown, The Color Purple, Bonnie & Clyde, Hands on a Hardbody, and The Scottsboro Boys, all shows that broke the rules in smart, fearless, and surprising ways.

Together with Miller’s last book Idiots, Heathers, and Squips, this new book paints an inspiring, hopeful picture of the present and future of the American musical theatre, as it continually changes and evolves to meet the cultural moment once again.

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Released: 2021

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