David And Lisa - by James Reach

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David And Lisa by James Reach Buy David And Lisa on Amazon

Drama, Full Length Play / 11m, 11f. Adapted from the book by Theodore Isaac Rubin and the Screenplay by Eleanor Perry. The award winning motion picture has been adapted for the stage with the utmost fidelity. It retells the strange, appealing and utterly fascinating story of two mentally disturbed adolescents: David, the only son of wealthy parents who is tortured by his mania against being touched, and Lisa, the waif with a split personality. One of her selves will speak only in childish rhymes and insists on being spoken to in the same manner. The play follows their exhilarating progress and heartrending defeats during one term at Berkeley School, where they have come under the sympathetic guidance of psychiatrist Alan Swinford and his staff. Fellow students include Carlos, the street urchin; the over romantic Kate and stout Sandra, among others. Laughter, heart break and suspense distinguish this authentic and well told story.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1967

Buy David And Lisa on Amazon Buy David And Lisa on iTunes



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