Cinderella Waltz - by Don Nigro

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Cinderella Waltz by Don Nigro Buy Cinderella Waltz on Amazon

Comedy 4m, 5f Single Set Rosey Snow is trapped in a fairy tale world that is by turns funny and a little frightening, with her stepsisters Goneril and Regan, her demented stepmother, her lecherous father, a bewildered Prince, a fairy godmother who sings salty old sailor songs, a troll and a possibly homicidal village idiot. This play investigates the archetypal origins of the world's most popular fairy tale, contrasting the familiar and charming Perrault version with the darker, more ancient and disturbing tale recorded by the brothers Grimm. Grotesque farce and romantic fantasy blend in a fairy tale for adults.

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Cinderella Waltz on Paperback Cinderella Waltz on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1987

Buy Cinderella Waltz on Amazon Buy Cinderella Waltz on iTunes

Andrew Lloyd Webber's CINDERELLA Releases Full Album by Chloe Rabinowitz - July 09, 2021

The album features voices from the cast of the new musical, as well as high-profile guest vocalists including Todrick Hall and Adam Lambert. Plus, a bonus track.



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