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Witches Trials at Playhouse Boise




Playhouse Boise

8001 W Fairview Ave
Boise, 83704
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Phone: 2087790092

Witches Trials in Boise

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Bewitching fun with a touch of murder. Who did it and who wants to sweep it under the cauldron? Witches and witch hunters will keep you in stitches and intrigued. Come out me beauties and help us solve the murder.

Playhouse Boise Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are coming up next at Playhouse Boise
Curse of Toothless Willie (11/19/22-11/19/22)

Where is Playhouse Boise located?
Playhouse Boise is at 8001 W Fairview Ave, Boise.

What shows have played recently at Playhouse Boise
Curse of Toothless Willie (11/19/22-11/19/22)
Adult PJ Comedy Nite Feat HecklerVision (4/8/21-4/22/21)
Lions Tail Pendant - Crime Mystery (4/3/21-4/3/21)
General Casting Call (2/27/21-2/27/21)
The Showcase (2/27/21-2/27/21)
Two men and a body (11/28/20-12/15/20)
Improv Insanity (8/6/20-8/6/20)
Mission Improvable (7/16/20-7/16/20)

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