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They coulda been a contender!

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They coulda been a contender!#0
Posted: 6/9/03 at 11:21am
Also posted in "Tony Low-Light"---did anyone else think IMAGINARY FRIENDS was robbed of nominations? a lot of the other plays closed longer ago and with less of a run than this very smart sophisticated new work with the wit of Nora Ephron and the songs of Marvin Hamlisch and the dancing of Jerry Mitchell. And how cute was he on the show last night, what a wonderful and attractive and talented guy.

I mean, if FROG & TOAD deserves a Best Musical nod, shouldn't a play with Cherry Jones and Swoozie Kurtz get some kind of recognition? They are both multiple Tony-nominated and winners.

Did anyone else see this show?
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re: They coulda been a contender!#1
Posted: 6/9/03 at 12:22pm
I think Donna Lynne Champlin was robbed, but hi yeah, this is me beating a dead horse to freaking death lol
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