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super micro-budget comedy screenplay titled "Freaks" seeking a producer


I just wrote a hilarious super micro-budget comedy screenplay titled, “Freaks!”  It requires one location, a home, and three props:  a French horn, a router, and a toy guitar.  It reads like a Mel Brooks movie.  It requires 5 main characters and 3 minor characters.  The story can take place anywhere.  However, it would be funny if it takes place in Brooklyn, with the character of Brooklyn and the accent of Brooklynites adding to the comedy. 

Seeking a producer in L.A., Chicago, or New York, who has the financing and resources to produce the project.  Only interested in producers who produced at least one full length indie film.  Write to 

MY NEW MOVIE IDEA:  "Frankenstein Does Tokyo! or "The Comeback kids!"  Igor and Frankenstein escape to Tokyo where Frankenstein becomes a Sumo wrestler and beats up all the wrestlers.  That all backfires, and they return to Hollywood on a motorcycle to try to break back into the bizz.  Better than "Young Frankenstein."  Stupid,  Any producers out there?.

"TOO GOOD FOR THE HOOD" the all Black comedy story that takes place in Staten Island and the Bronx is seeking a film producer.  The book on Amazon has numerous 5 star and 4 star editorial reviews.  Read the story for yourself at:

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS:  "A deftly written collaboration by authors Michael and Danny D'Agostino, "Too Good For The Hood" is another of their truly unique, extraordinary, unfailingly entertaining and memorable novels. Very highly recommended reading and a 'must' for all Michael and Danny D'Agostino fans, "Too Good For The Hood" is certain to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction collections."

Updated On: 7/25/20 at 12:20 PM