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Wedding Song Ideas?

Claire Tomes
Wedding Song Ideas?#1
Posted: 1/16/20 at 2:12pm

I'm looking for a large ensemble song that would work to sing at my wedding reception coming up in April. I have many guests attending who I've sang with in various shows and singing groups over the years and would love to find a song we could all sing together at the reception with simple but impressive harmonies. I'd like to have something that showcases multiple soloists. 

So far I've thought of the All Shook Up arrangement of Can't Help Falling in Love - but does anyone out there have some other ideas of Broadway group numbers that could work for something like this? My fiance isn't an Elvis fan but I love the style of this arrangement. Appreciate any suggestions!!

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Stage Door Sally
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Broadway Legend
Wedding Song Ideas?#2
Posted: 1/17/20 at 4:00pm

The song that came to me from the title of this thread was The Wedding Song (There is Love) written by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary. I hadn't heard it in decades until the recent Paul Winter —Winter Solstice concert at St. John The Divine, performed by Stookey himself. It could be done by a group, diving parts out for soloists. It's low key but really pretty. You could play with it and update it.

Peter Paul and Mary (original version):

Petula Clark's version:

Toni Tennille:

Rebecca De La Torre (with piano):

The James Last chorus doing a muzak version: