Detours Festival Comes to Brussels in September

The festival runs in September 2022, from the 14th to the 18th.

By: Aug. 23, 2022
Detours Festival Comes to Brussels in September

After a summer rhythmed each week by a Detour Cyphers session, the Detours Festival happens in next September, from the 14th to the 18th. For the edition of this urban arts international festival, the Cyphers final takes place at the National Theater of Brussels-Wallonie, in order to "bring the theater to the street and the street to the theater" according to their motto.

Since 2009, the Detours Festival has been organized by Milan Emmanuel,a Belgian breakdance figure and his company No Way Back. At the frontier between hip hop and contemporary dances, the Festival wants to appear as anchored in the present but turned to the future. It goes to the public where it is : in the streets. This festival is not only a window for finished works and a cohesion vector but also a springboard for ongoing work.

This edition breaks new ground : on September the 18th, the Urban Dance Caravan crosses Brussels from the place des Fontainas with the final artists of the Cyphers battles who dance to the National Theater where the Detours Cyphers final takes place. The scenography of this itinerary was thought by the students of La Cambre - Superior National School of Visual Arts.

But the festival does only offer a final. Each year, the Detours organizes two days of Work In Progress for artist-choreographers on September the 15th and the 16th at the Bruegel cultural center. Different artists (from Belgium, Germany, Morocco, ...) were selected as Carla Parcianello, Pierre Anganda or also the Jiz group of Mehdi Dahkan.

lZt last but not least, the first representation of the solo La Cage, from Faraja Batumike, takes place on September the 17th at the Raffinerie / Charleroi Danse. This solo highlights the opposition between the natural and mineral wealth of North Kivu and the daily violence suffered by the population living at war between corruption and poverty.

This festival is open to everybody whether you know dance or have followed the Cyphers.


Practical informations :

Detours Cyphers Abstrkt- September the 14th at 6pm - Mont des Arts

Work in Progress - September the 15th and the 16th - Bruegel cultural center

La Cage, Faraja Batumike - September the 17th at 7pm - Raffinerie (Charleroi-Danse)

Urban Dance Caravan - September the 18th at 3pm- Place Fontainas

Cyphers Final - September the 18th at 6pm - Théâtre National