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Student Blogger: Alexandra Boccone

Student Blogger: Alexandra Boccone

Recently graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Communication degree with a major in Performing Arts, Alexa is ready to begin her life in theater. She was exposed to musicals at a young age with movies like Singin' in the RainShowboat, and The Sound of Music. Since then, she had participated in numerous productions, both musicals and straight plays. Her dream is be a part of the community that brings a story to the stage. 


Student Blog: Reflections on Selected Musicals
September 24, 2021

I was instructed to write my reflection in this format: favorite character, song, actor/actress, and production. While many of the shows my teacher told me to listen to were ones I was familiar with, it brought me great joy to explore musicals I have yet to discover then.

Student Blog: How My College Adapted to COVID-19
September 24, 2021

Learning online is nothing like having an actual class in a proper classroom. It lacks the 'human connection' if you could put it that way. However, this does not mean that it ceased to exist given everything is online. We are fortunate to be living in a time of advanced technology and therefore we are still connected but electronically.

Student Blog: Songs from My First Voice Recital
September 24, 2021

What really helped make the learning process faster was that my professor’s selection of songs for the recital were from either Broadway or West End musicals like The Sound of Music or Jekyll and Hyde. Majority of them were songs I knew since I was a child or I just learned them throughout the years.

Student Blog: Color-Blind Casting and Asians on Stage
September 1, 2021

As early as my sophomore year in college, I began to itemize a list of possible topics for my thesis. I was not looking forward to the whole thesis writing bit. However, things lightened up a bit as soon as I started to think of titles which I felt would excite me the most and therefore make my work easier. I came up with color-blind casting.

Student Blog: The Play Called Life
July 26, 2021

To bring a story to the stage is such a privilege. I was given the opportunity back in 2019 for which I not only directed but I also acted and choreographed the show. It was a humbling experience for me and the cast and crew. I realized that we are in our own right storytellers of our own fate and that we have the power to make dreams into a reality for as long as we believe in ourselves and others.

Student Blog: Does Anybody Have a Map? An Insight into Learning in the New Normal for an Undergraduate
July 1, 2021

In life, I believe that it is always good to be aware of the different perspectives there may be towards scenarios like the phenomenon we are currently facing. I find it vital to take the initiative to reach out to others and get their opinions or insights.

Student Blog: What Comes Next?
June 28, 2021

As my graduation date inched closer, it dawned on me how I felt somewhat unprepared for what is in store. Especially now that we have been dealing with a global dilemma, I can’t help but think about what is going to happen for the likes of me.

Student Blog: Graduating in a Time of a Pandemic: A Performing Arts Student's Edition
June 2, 2021

As the well known saying goes, “the show must go on”. But now that we’re still living amidst a pandemic, until what extent does that saying hold true?  No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined that we would live in a time such as this. We all thought plagues were a thing of the past like in Shakespeare’s time. But here we are! Living in both fear and hope with a virus that has created such catastrophic effects across the world. One of them would be the suspension of live theater. On the flip side, the lockdown has brought new beginnings and discoveries for the performing arts even to a student like me.