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BWW Exclusive: A Look Back at Tony Shalhoub's Stage and Screen Career
January 2, 2018

Ever since Tony Shalhoub entered into the entertainment industry in 1980 with his role as Oliver in the American Repertory Theater's revival of AS YOU LIKE IT, Shalhoub has made a name for himself on both the stage and screen.

BWW Flashback: From JULIUS CAESAR to THE PARISIAN WOMAN, Broadway Often Gets Political
November 12, 2017

Theater has never been removed from the outside world, which means shows cover topics relevant to the time, like the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the civil rights movement and even politics. Here are seven Broadway plays that centered around politics in honor of THE PARISIAN WOMEN starting previews.

Happy Sunday-Funday! Can You Guess the Broadway Show from the Emojis?
October 15, 2017

Emojis have become popular in today's technological world, especially with millennials. Do you know your emojis and Broadway shows enough to guess the currently running Broadway show from the emojis? Test your knowledge below!

BWW Flashback: Look Back at Ten of our Favorite Screen-to-Stage Adaptations
September 24, 2017

Over the years, Hollywood has rolled out many amazing movies, some of the best ideas coming from the Broadway stage. Sometimes though, Broadway gets inspiration from the big screen. Some adaptations are well known, like SCHOOL OF ROCK, GHOST, BRING IT ON and WAITRESS, and some might be as widely familiar, like AMELIE, THOROGHLY MODERN MILLIE and KINKY BOOTS.

BWW Exclusive: Ten Eclectic Musicals to add to Your Netflix 'Watch Later' Queue
May 20, 2017

Since the big screen adaptation of CHICAGO took home an Academy Award more than a decade ago, movie musicals have seen a resurgence, with varying levels of success. There have been huge hits, like last year's LA LA LAND, and big disappointments, like 2009's NINE. While online video store Netflix doesn't have nearly as large of a collection of movie musicals as most Broadway fans would like, they do have a selection worth chilling with. Below, check out our list of 10 great musicals, from animated to live-action to captured on stage.

BWW Feature: The Original Stage and Screen Cast of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Where are They Now?
March 26, 2017

The first BEAUTY AND THE BEAST came out in 1991 and starred both new and veteran actors and actresses. The Disney classic was so successful it transferred to the stage only three years later and had an exceptional run on Broadway for over 10 years. The talented actors of both stage and screen have gone on to add other great roles to their list of credits.

BWW Profile: LION Oscar-Nominated Stage and Screen Star, Nicole Kidman
February 25, 2017

Nicole Kidman is a veteran in the entertainment industry, becoming a household name and garnering attention and awards for over 30 years of acting. This year, she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her character Sue Brierley in LION, which has received five other Oscar nominations. This year is the first time Kidman has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

BWW Feature: Throughout the Years, Movie Musicals have been Overlooked for Best Picture
February 23, 2017

In the 89 years that the Academy Awards have been held, over 40 musicals have either been nominated for or have won an Oscar for Best Picture, including this last December's LA LA LAND. The first musical to ever win Best Picture was THE BROADWAY MELODY at the second Academy Awards in 1929. The film starred Charles King, Eddie Kane, Bessie Love and Anita Page