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Jon Bee

Jon Bee comes to Denver by way of St. Louis, MO. A longtime musician and thespian, he has worked with the Tennessee Williams Festival St. Louis, as well as STAGES St. Louis, both in the administrative offices and as a Teaching Artist for the metropolitan area. Identifying as a musician first and foremost, Jon holds a BA in Music from Millikin University where he was a member of the Millikin University Choir, as well as, the flagship vocal jazz ensemble, One Voice. Jon most recently completed his MFA in Arts Management & Leadership at Webster University. While in St. Louis, he worked regularly as a freelance Music Director and performer for local theater productions. Most recently, Jon portrayed Younger Brother in the award winning production of Ragtime with Stray Dog Theatre. His musical inspirations come from a variety of sources, including Musical Theater, Jazz, and Choral Music. Jon currently works for Rocky Ridge Music Center as the Student Services Administrator and Voice Faculty member for both the Denver and Boulder locations. 



BWW Review: OTHER DESERT CITIES at Cherry Creak Theatre
April 12, 2019

We don't always get to choose our family. Often, there are at least a couple black sheep in every family. But what happens when everyone is the black sheep?

BWW Review: How Much is Too Much in THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG at DCPA?
March 14, 2019

As a long time thespian, I have seen first-hand what happens when a performance does not go according to plan. In fact, it is through theater that I learned the important concept of "cope and adjust." But what happens when everything goes up in flames? Well, you cope and adjust, until the last flame burns out. Such is the case in the latest show to hit DCPA, The Play That Goes Wrong.

BWW Review: A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC at Cherry Creek Theatre
February 12, 2019

In Cherry Creek Theatre's current production of A Little Night Music, the talented storm the stage to produce a cohesive and clean production. 

January 30, 2019

As children grow older, it is almost a requirement to leave the world of princesses and fairies behind you. But what happens when the princesses grow up too? This is where we find them in BDT's newest staging of Disenchanted.

BWW Review: NUNSENSE at Candlelight Dinner Playhouse
January 30, 2019

In Candlelight Dinner Playhouse's current production of Nonsense, things go awry after one of the Little Sisters of Hoboken accidentally poisons more than half of the nuns. In an effort to raise funds and reman stable, those that are left decide to put on a variety show for the community where things don't go exactly as planned.

BWW Review: WHITE CHRISTMAS at Denver Center for the Performing Arts
December 14, 2018

One of my earliest Christmas memories is watching the movie version of White Christmas with my family. To this day, it is still a valued family tradition to sit back and tune in to a film that defined part of my childhood, as I'm sure it did for many. With the stage version on the road, it is the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into the holiday spirit.

December 13, 2018

A Christmas Carol in and of itself, is a Christmas tradition, if not for all, certainly for many families across the world. In fact, when the book first went to print on December 19, 1843, it sold out by Christmas Eve. I suppose the story has been a tradition for some stemming back generations; back to the beginning. AT DCPA, the telling of A Christmas Carol is what many look forward to each holiday season, and this year's production does not disappoint. 

December 13, 2018

Some shows in the Christmas theatre canon are taken from classic stories such as A Christmas Carol, while others perhaps form a more original holiday tale. And then there are the special few that can only be described as "cult-classic." In A Christmas Story, we once again meet little Ralphie and his family as he hopes for a Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun from Santa - or at least his parents. From the infamous scene at the flag pole to the leg-lamp in the window for all the neighbors to see, this current production at BDT Stage has it all for those wishing to live out a live version of their favorite Christmas movie. 

BWW Review: LA TRAVIATA at Opera Colorado
November 23, 2018

Opera is not just a classical style of performance. It is the foundation for everything that would come after. Thus, knowing where we came from is just as important as knowing where we're going. In Opera Colorado's production of Verdi's La Traviata, the classical art form is presented at it's best with elements of both the past and present.

BWW Review: MY NAME IS ASHER LEV at Cherry Creek Theatre
November 8, 2018

Art, as we know, is subjective. It can also be beautiful, controversial, awe-inspiring, or sometimes all of the above. But what happens when art comes between religion and family? In the current production at Cherry Creek Theatre, My Name is Asher Lev, a boy learns these struggles at an early age, but doesn't understand what they mean until it's too late.

BWW Review: HARVEY at Phamaly Theatre Company
November 2, 2018

Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child? Perhaps something like a "heffalump" or even fairy godparents? Creative minds will take children far, but what about an adult man whose best friend is a six foot tall invisible rabbit? We might say he is in need of some psychological assistance. In the classic, Harvey, that's exactly the scenario we find at the home of Elwood P. Dowd, his sister, Veta Louise Simmons, and her daughter, Myrtle Mae.

BWW Review: LOVE NEVER DIES (Or Does It?) at DCPA
October 26, 2018

It's no secret that entertainment culture has an obsession with sequels and beyond. Movie trilogies become sagas and soon enough Jude Law is playing young Albus Dumbledore. This desire to expand the story; to pick up where you left off is prevalent even on the stage, although perhaps not as regularly. In Andrew Llyod Webber's Love Never Dies, the story isn't over just yet for Christine Daae, The Phantom, and many other important players from it's predecessor, The Phantom of the Opera. 

BWW Review: SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD at Aurora Fox Arts Center
September 27, 2018

Not all shows need to have exuberant sets, notable actors, or even a solidified plotlines to be impactful. As we move further and further into the age of 'contemporary musical theater,' more song cycles - shows composed primarily of music with no dialogue and presented themes instead of a plot - are making their way into the limelight. Musicals like Edges and Smokey Joe's Cafe are among those that have cemented their place in time, as is Songs for a New World, currently playing at the Aurora Fox Arts Center.

BWW Review: GREEN DAY'S AMERICAN IDIOT at Town Hall Arts Center
September 19, 2018

Teen angst is not something to ignore. Often times, it is the only semblance of emotion that youths exhibit in hopes of finding comfort from others and answers from themselves. Just as these emotions are real, so too is the music that exemplifies these feelings. The combination of these ideas leads us to such musical performances as Green Day's American Idiot at Town Hall Arts Center.

BWW Review: MAMMA MIA at Arvada Arts Center
September 19, 2018

In today's musical theater songbook, you'd probably find a handful of tunes from bio-shows and juke box musicals. From Carole King to Elvis Presley, there plenty of stories to tell, even if they are not those of the music artists. In Arvada's latest production, Mamma Mia, music sensation ABBA is highlighted in all the right ways. 

BWW Review: MARY POPPINS at Candlelight Dinner Playhouse
September 18, 2018

Not every tale begins with 'once upon a time' just as they are not always a love story. Rather, a different kind of love - an equally important love - is presented. In Candlelight's Dinner Playhouse's latest production, Mary Poppins, the love between children and adults, whether it be between kids and their parents or a lovable, stern nanny, is the certain focal point.

BWW Review: VIETGONE Gives New Light to the War at DCPA
September 10, 2018

In some ways, history is all we have in terms of building a brighter future. At times, we either forget that history, or we never learn about such events that would lead us to make more informed decisions. Remembering historical events clearly isn't the most sought after activity to spend your time. Thus enters the world of theater, where people come to delve into stories and as an added bonus walk out after the show a little more educated than they were walking in. Such was the case for myself in taking in DCPA's production of Vietgone.

September 7, 2018

Throughout history, performance artists have become staples in pop culture, many of which can rightfully claim "icon" status. However, aside from music performance, songwriting has long been an underrated quality in the music industry. Even if songwriters become notable performers, it is not always widely known that they have written, and continue to write, for other top artists. Such is the case of Carole King, as told by Beautiful, The Carole King Musical. 

BWW Review: WAISTWATCHERS, THE MUSICAL at Lakewood Cultural Center
August 15, 2018

Art, above all, is subjective. It can be anything and everything if artistic intent is the drive behind the creation. With that in mind, art can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and quality. Such was the case for the touring production of Waist Watchers, The Musical at Lakewood Cultural Center. 

August 14, 2018

Icon. A word of only four letters, and yet it holds so much weight for many people. It is not hard to think of musical icons: Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, even Britney Spears. Among the elite is also Gloria Estefan, whose own personal life is on full display in the latest show to come to DCPA, On Your Feet!