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George Brietigam

George Brietigam When George isn't criticizing shows on the internet, you can find him criticizing other things in person.

He has a degree in Theatre Arts from Cal State Long Beach, and has previously worked for Center Theatre Group's Development Department and Walt Disney Concert Hall's resident chorus, The Los Angeles Master Chorale. He has since sold his soul, and is attending law school at Chapman University School of Law, where he is pursuing his J.D.

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BWW Review: Rogue Machine Presents U.S. Premiere of DAYTONA
September 18, 2017

As you age, every wrinkle and liver spot on your face tells a story, and there are some stories you would rather just forget.

BWW Review: Snaps! Cupcake Theater Stages Elle Woods' Adventure to Law School in LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL!
June 19, 2017

The technical bloopers this show experienced would give Spiderman: Turn off the Dark a run for its money. While I still loved this production, I feel like it opened a week before it should have

BWW Review: Emerging Playwright Olivia Cordell Gives Us a Glimpse into the Millennial Psyche with THIS OUR NOW
June 7, 2017

You will feel like you are drowning when watching this modern love tale

BWW Review: A Dark LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS on Top of an Even Darker Hill
June 5, 2017

Panic! Productions staged the darkest rendition of Little Shop of Horrors I have ever seen.

BWW Review: FREEWAY DREAMS at the Brickhouse Theatre is a Slow and Bumpy Ride
May 20, 2017

This piece works much better as something you would see drunk in a bar in the 90s

BWW Review: UNCANNY VALLEY at International City Theatre
April 24, 2017

If you find yourself in Downtown Long Beach, be sure to catch this unique show.

BWW Review: The Latino Theatre Company Premieres John Pollono's RULES OF SECONDS at The Los Angeles Theatre Center
April 3, 2017

Rules of Seconds is easily the best new play that has premiered in Los Angeles this year.

BWW Review: PUNK ROCK at The Odyssey Theatre Gets Top Marks for a Jolly Good Show
March 27, 2017

This show is the very definition of a slow burning candle. More aptly put, a slow burning candle whose wick winds up being connected to a thousand pounds of dynamite that blows your face off without any warning.

BWW Review: You Will Want to Take a Shower After Seeing DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA at Theatre 68
March 27, 2017

Anyone who is a fan of creepy stuff will love this show.

BWW Review: Amanda Moresco Pays Homage to Hell's Kitchen with WHERE THE NUMBERS END; A HELL'S KITCHEN LOVE TRAGEDY
March 20, 2017

This Ode to Hell's Kitchen is a hazy, heartwarming, homage to the playwright's memory of the neighborhood she grew up in and once loved.

BWW Review: I Got Drunk at A Noise Within's KING LEAR - Here's What Happened Next
March 20, 2017

If American Horror Story decided to do a season set in the time of ancient mythical English kings, you would get Julia Rodriguez-Elliott's King Lear. I highly recommend this eerie interpretation of one of Shakespeare's most produced works.

BWW Review: North Hollywood's Cupcake Theater Goes Punk With GREEN DAY'S AMERICAN IDIOT!
March 13, 2017

Cupcake Studio's production of Green Day's American Idiot oozes of freshness in Trump's America. There was never a dull moment in this high energy, headbanging, production. The power of this show rests in its pure energy, and the cast certainly delivered.

March 13, 2017

Cal State Long Beach's Theatre Arts Department practiced two hours of theatre alchemy spinning Kirsten Childs' manure of a script into pure gold. Hats off to Dr. Jaye Austin Williams, and her unbelievably talented cast and team of designers for turning this banal and poorly written story into an enjoyable masterpiece!

BWW Review: DISINHERIT THE WIND Takes on Richard Dawkins in an Emotionally Blighted Play of Ideas
March 6, 2017

Attending this show is closer to sitting through a college philosophy lecture, taught by the campus' resident bat-shit insane tenured professor, than it is a night out at the theatre.

BWW Interview: Director Emma Rice and Wallis Artistic Director Paul Crewes Discuss 946: THE AMAZING STORY OF ADOLPHUS TIPS
February 27, 2017

There's still one week left to catch 946: THE AMAZING STORY OF ADOLPHUS TIPS at Beverly Hill's Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Emma Rice and Paul Crewes were nice enough to take time to talk about UK-based Kneehigh's latest touring show.

BWW Review: Cal State Long Beach's Theatre Arts Department Gets Geeky with SHE KILLS MONSTERS
February 20, 2017

Cal State Long Beach's spring season is off to a strong start, and their upcoming shows have a tough act to follow.

BWW Review: The British Invade Beverly Hills with 946: AN AMAZING STORY OF ADOLPHUS TIPS
February 13, 2017

946 offers two and a half hours of eye-candy and magic.

BWW Review: FUTURE SEX, INC. - The New Musical That Sucks So Hard But Feels So Good
January 30, 2017

This repulsive piece of filth has cult following written all over it.

BWW Review: One Down Nine to Go: KING HEDLEY II Kicks off Television Actress' Pledge to Stage All 10 August Wilson Century Cycle Plays in LA.
January 30, 2017

A little bit of King Hedley's ambition might have rubbed off on television actress turned theatrical producer Sophina Brown. Better known as Nikki Betancourt from CBS's hit NUMB3RS, Brown has delved into the Los Angeles 99-seat theatre scene with the goal of producing all ten of August Wilson's plays in the Century Cycle. First up -- KING HEDLEY II, which opened last Thursday at the Matrix Theatre in West Hollywood.

BWW Review: Hollywood Stage Company Slays Hollywood Blvd with Maiden Production of BENT
January 9, 2017

Hollywood Boulevard's newest theatre troupe is one to keep an eye on.