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Bad Game at Burgtheater


10/21/2017 - 6/12/2018



Universitaetsring 2
Wien,Austria 1010

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€ 59 - € 3,50
Phone: +43 (0)1 51444-4140
Running Time: 210 minutes

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Bad game

Alexander Ostrovsky

If you have money, you can buy love. That was already the case in Tsarist Russia of Alexander Ostrovsky. In the cafes on the banks of the Volga, a seedy company of shipowners, parvenus and speculators drives the never-ending time.

In the morning you drink champagne from tea cups, watch the ships and blaspheme about women and affairs. The news of an absurd wedding is making the rounds. Larissa, the hottest bride, the most beautiful girl behind them, wants to marry. But Larissa is a bride without a dowry, although her mother likes to receive men for small paybacks to parties and costume parties. Karandyshev, a good civil servant, is the one who, smiled at by everyone, wants to take Larissa for a wife without a dowry. Surprisingly, he actually loves her. To gain recognition, he invites the company to his home for an opulent dinner. There, the ship owner Paratow appears, who left Larissa a year ago and in whom she is still in love immortal. Paratov is broke. He will marry a rich girl tomorrow. But tonight he makes Larissa's groom drunk and kidnaps the bride for a night cruise on the Volga. The whole society comes along. When Karandyshev realizes what's going on, he follows with a loaded pistol.

Bad Partie , written and premiered in 1878, is a drama with music, newly translated for the Burgtheater by Alexander Nitzberg. Ostrovsky unceremoniously unmasked in his play the capitalist layer of the merchants and ship owners, for whom everything is only commodity, women as well as love.

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