Cabaret Night Fever

Cabaret Night Fever

Dates: (6/19/2023 - 6/24/2023 )

The Butterflyh Club

The Butterfly Club

5 Carson Place, Melbourne, Vic. 3000

Phone: 0467044255

Tickets: $30 - $37

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A man, his moves and his inflatable doll – if you like your comedy pumped and your music hot, this show is for YOU.



When MJ Wilson decided to bring back his popular 2022 Fringe show <>Cabaret Night Fever for a 2023 season, he wanted to make it a little bolder, a lot cheekier – and a great deal Bigger. With his inflatable sidekick Otto already pumped to maximum size, this inspired writer/comedian decided that the best way to fill his performance space was with the magic of sound. The result is a scintillating, provocative soundscape that will capture MJ and the audience as one when <>Cabaret Night Fever opens at The Butterfly Club on June 19.


‘It’s a labour of love,’ says MJ. He’s referring to the show’s soundscape, but could equally be talking about any of the remarkable moments contained in this 55-minute tour-de-force which combines fast laughter with slow-burning love, enticing confessions with surprising revelations. In the middle of it all is MJ himself – a talented actor with TV and film credits (Blue Heelers, Welcome to Woop Woop) and now the star of his own theatrical show. He is also the anti-hero when the moment calls for it. Apart from Otto, a string of dating app disasters and a psychologist who thinks space travel could be the solution to his problems, there’s a certain politician MJ would like you to meet. ‘Send him up? Me?’ he beams. ‘I may dedicate a song to him …’

<>Cabaret Night Fever is rich in songs, and audiences who caught this show at the Speakeasy Theatre in 2022 can look forward to plenty of new music. This is curated by MJ in partnership with renowned musical director <>Will Conyers (SS-Metaphor, Jesus Christ Superstar). Steve Christie at Vintage Keys in Birmingham, UK, a ‘total key nerd’, then records the tracks in his studio. MJ will also work with the tech team in the lead-up to the season. ‘They’re the ones who make the magic happen,’ he says simply. But the soundscape – created using a remix approach and blending different types of media – is MJ’s magic. ‘I design it in collaboration with my sound tech, <>John Jenkin. He’s brilliant at finding and creating those everyday sounds we can’t rip. Don’t come to see me – come for the soundscape!’

And come for the humour, courage and sizzling moments that make this show a standout. They are delivered by an actor who, at the 2022 season, ‘left the audience in stitches from start to finish’ (Theatre Travels)). Come for MJ!

Dates:   Mon 19 – Sat 24 June
Venue: The Butterfly Club
              5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Sessions: Mon - Sat @ 8.30pm – 9.30pm
Tickets: $30 - $37.  Group (6+) $30 pp.

Ticket queries: Call The Butterfly Club on (03) 9663 8107Cabaret Night Fever

The Butterflyh Club Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The Butterflyh Club is at 5 Carson Place, Melbourne, Vic. 3000, Melbourne, Victoria.


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