This is Your Brain on Musical Theatre - 7 Questions with (Truly Scrumptious!) Rachael Beck


Welcome to “This is your brain on Musical Theatre” where each month we put the same seven questions to a variety of performers who have made their mark on the Australian and International stage. This is your chance to get to know another side of your favourite Musical Theatre stars as they share, amongst other revelations, what they think is the next musical waiting to happen (and whether, like you and me, they still like to sing in the shower!). 

 This is your brain on Musical Theatre - 7 questions with (Truly Scrumptious!) Rachael Beck

From Maria in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, to Fantine in LES MISERABLES, to Salle Bowles in the Sam Mendes revival of CABARET, Rachael Beck has played some of the best-loved female roles of all time.

Throughout her career she has also shared the stage with some of our best-loved leading men – a list that includes a certain Hugh Jackman who starred as Gaston to her Belle in the Australian production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

In September this belle of Australian stage and television will tour regional Australia in a new production of SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM, joining Michael Falzon, Geraldine Turner and Jessica Rowe in the classic Sondheim revue.

From November Beck takes on a Truly Scrumptious role in the Australian premiere of the hit musical CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, headlining the blockbuster musical with tenor David Hobson as Caractacus Potts.

As she prepares to join Hobson and her fine four-fendered friend for the Sydney and Melbourne seasons of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, Rachael Beck has taken time out to give us a little insight into her brain on musical theatre …

1. Is there a particular show and/or person that first made you feel like ‘this is what I want to do’? 

My dad, really. He was always listening to records of musicals and directing high school musicals which my brother, sister and I used to watch.

2. Can you remember the moment when you first understood that you could sing the way most others can’t? 

When I performed a song and dance called "The Count" (from Sesame Street) in the Eisteddfods when I was 9 I would always win. I knew I was doing something right!

3. Is there one night in your career that you would love to go back to and experience over again?

Many nights. I can't single out one. I have to say it would most probably be the nights in the middle of a season, when the show is run in, no special night, just loving performing and feeling comfortable.

4. Is there one role that belongs to the opposite gender or a different age group that you’d secretly love to perform?

No, and secrets are secrets, so I wouldn't tell anyway!

5. What book/TV show/movie is a musical just waiting to happen?

The obvious would be "Glee", but I think anything goes these days, people are making musicals out of the most bizarre shows and ideas.

6. Do you still sing in the shower when you sing for a living?!

Yes. Mostly warming up, the steam is fantastic for your throat.

And finally, borrowing from James Lipton via Bernard Pivot:

7. What sound or noise do you love?

My children laughing; rain on the roof when I am in bed, someone whispering "I love you" in my ear.

You can catch the truly talented Rachael Beck in the following productions in 2012:

SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM - Australian Tour 2012: For dates and ticket information click here.

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG - Premiere Australian Season 2012/13: For dates and ticket information click here.



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