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Telmondis' New Opera, Dance and Circus Performances to Be Streamed on Cennarium

Telmondis' New Opera, Dance and Circus Performances to Be Streamed on Cennarium

Cennarium, one of the largest streaming services for the performing arts, has signed a distribution deal with Telmondis, one of France's major audiovisual producers of upscale live performances, to make a variety of performing arts content available to audiences through the streaming service.

Sixteen performances from the Telmondis catalog, encompassing opera, dance, magic and the circus, will be available through the Cennarium streaming service in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Brazil, the Netherlands and Italy.

"Cennarium enables us to bring our library of performing arts content to audiences around the world who would otherwise not be able to view these amazing performances we have captured on video," said Emilie Huc, head of sales and acquisitions for Telmondis. "With today's technology and infrastructure, there is no reason the performing arts should not be readily accessible and affordable to audiences everywhere; Cennarium empowers us to accomplish this."

The performances being released by Cennarium under the agreement include:

• 34th Tomorrow's Circus Festival (Cirque Phénix, Paris, France)
• Aria (Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Switzerland)
• Carmen (Opéra de Lyon, France)
• Cirkafrika (Cirque Phénix, Paris, France)
• Coppelia (Teatro La Fenice, Venice, Italy)
• Giselle (Opéra de Bordeaux, France)
• La Belle (Ballets de Monte Carlo, Monaco)
• Romeo and Juliet (Malandain Ballet Biarritz, France)
• The Golden Horde (Tatar State Academic Opera, Kazan, Russia)
• The Golden Mandrakes 2011 (Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens, Paris, France)
• The Golden Mandrakes 2013 (Théâtre du Gymnase Marie-Bell, Paris, France)
• The Golden Mandrakes 2015 (Bobino - Paris, France)
• Stars of Beijing Circus: The Legend of Mulan (Cirque Phénix, Paris, France)
• Urban Circolombia (Cirque Phénix, Paris, France)
• Great Evening of Magic at Cabaret Le Lido (Cabaret Lido, Paris, France)
• Nikulin Circus (Nikulin Circus, Moscow, Russia)

"Working with content producers such as Telmondis we are able to build the global performing arts audience," said Themis Gomes, CEO of Cennarium. "Telmondis has a phenomenal library, a portion of which we are pleased to make available to our subscribers so they can watch these extraordinary performances."

The majority of performances will launch on Cennarium this week, with the remaining few scheduled for release by the end of the month.

Cennarium offers subscribers a wide selection of world-class performances in a variety of genres including drama, dance, comedy, musical, opera and other theatrical productions from countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Russia.

All productions are streamed in high-definition giving audiences the best possible viewing experience. A subscription to Cennarium costs $9.97 per month or $95.64 per year ($7.97/month) and includes unlimited access to an international assortment of performing arts productions.

Created in 1972 and run by Antoine Perset, Telmondis is one of France's largest audiovisual producers of upscale live performances: opera, ballet, theater, world-renowned circus performances, musical shows, classical and contemporary dancing, jazz, world music and documentaries. Since 2011, Telmondis has extended its activity to international distribution through its Telmondis Distribution label. More information is available at www.telmondis.fr.

Cennarium America LLC is a producer and licensor of performing arts content for online distribution. Cennarium brings otherwise inaccessible performing arts content to audiences around the world and provides a revenue-share platform for producers and artists. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in France and Brazil. More information is available at www.Cennarium.com, on Twitter (@cennarium), Instagram (@CennariumUSA) and Facebook (/CennariumUSA).

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